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Synonyms for Afrikaner

a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans

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belonging or relating to white people of South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch or to their language


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Jennifer was raised in a middle-class home in Cape Town, with parents who did not adhere to the dominant ideology of Afrikanerdom. She is now studying in Johannesburg and working as a journalist.
(55) However, the hostility from sections of white Afrikanerdom posed a far more significant political (and military) threat to Smuts.
Carolyn Burdett, in her recent book on the South African novelist Olive Schreiner, points to James Tennant Molteno's 1923 The Dominion of Afrikanerdom, in which he notes that before the first Anglo-Boer War of 1880-81 one never heard of Boer and Briton....
With a shortage of DRC ministers, British governor, Lord Theophilus Shepstone, saw an opportunity to anglicise Afrikanerdom and thereby integrate it more fully into colonial-Anglo Christendom.
Among all recent nationalist movements, the success of Afrikanerdom stands out as a classical example of effective and enduring ethnic mobilization.
ENGLAND produced the unthinkable here yesterday - an emphatic win over the Springboks in the heart of Afrikanerdom.
This "sacred saga" (Moodie 1978) of Afrikanerdom highlighted moments of conflict: Afrikaners were outnumbered, exploited, threatened and murdered by African groups and agents of the British government, yet they would be able to win in the end.
Given the relatively small population of Afrikanerdom at the time, this was approximately 10 per cent of the total Boer population.
Jewish history is in perpetual danger of ending completely." Unlike Rabin, Netanyahu believed that Jews continued to be a nation apart, and claimed that their history was "unlike any other people's because they lacked the elements of national survival."(21) Whereas in South Africa, the swart gevaar and rooi gevaar -- the black and red (Communist) threats to national survival -- are fading from the political lexicon of mainstream Afrikanerdom, the nature of the Arab threat, and its implications for possible compromise, continues to dominate political discourse in Israel.
14-35; "The Fragmentation of Afrikanerdom and the Afrikaner Churches," in Resistance and Hope, ed.
This was the heartland of conservative Afrikanerdom, dominated not by the National Party, but by the Conservative Party, the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging and the latest addition to Afrikaner political parties, the Freedom Front.
22 Sartre's model of the critic brings to mind the words of an even more hard-pressed critic of his own society, the Afrikaner writer Andre Brink: "If the Afrikaner dissident today encounters such a vicious reaction from the Establishment, it is because he is regarded as a traitor to everything Afrikanerdom stands for (since Apartheid has usurped for itself that definition) - whereas, in fact, the dissident is fighting to assert the most positive and creative aspects of his heritage" (19).
Yet the poet Breyten Breytenbach, Afrikanerdom's blue-eyed pariah (loved for enriching the language, reviled for his attacks on racism), once sought to distinguish between "Apartaans,' the idiom of apartheid, and Afrikaans, one of Africa's many tongues.
But, the elite rightwingers in control of Afrikanerdom knew the photograph which was splashed across the front pages of influential papers around the world, would spell doom.
Indeed, the history of the Afrikaner reveals a will and a determination which makes one feel that Afrikanerdom is not the work of men, but the creation of God.