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Synonyms for Afrikaner

a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans

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belonging or relating to white people of South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch or to their language


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In confronting the psyche of Afrikanerdom in the policies and practices of the dying apartheid state, Afrikaans writers have had to put considerable mental cost into their dissident texts.
Eerstens bespreek ons Krog se weergawe van gasvryheid as 'n implisiete respons op die dinamiek van morele bysiendheid wat so helder vasgevang word in Schoeman se distopiese portret van die Afrikanerdom.
The traditional myth of Afrikanerdom has been dissolved, and the Afrikaner people must tell themselves a new story about who they are.
To return to the shaping power of narrative, we have available in our literary culture stories of several communities: (3) Afrikanerdom in the early 1900s created its nationalism in dedicated literacy and literary projects; Herman Charles Bosman in his tales of the Marico Afrikaner community, in contrast, debunked the myths of nationalism in its Voortrekker inheritance of sectional possession and destiny.
21) Whereas in South Africa, the swart gevaar and rooi gevaar -- the black and red (Communist) threats to national survival -- are fading from the political lexicon of mainstream Afrikanerdom, the nature of the Arab threat, and its implications for possible compromise, continues to dominate political discourse in Israel.
14-35; "The Fragmentation of Afrikanerdom and the Afrikaner Churches," in Resistance and Hope, ed.
Entering what had for so long been the exclusive domain of Afrikanerdom, President Nelson Mandela joined the citizens of the new South Africa in wishing their team good luck.
22 Sartre's model of the critic brings to mind the words of an even more hard-pressed critic of his own society, the Afrikaner writer Andre Brink: "If the Afrikaner dissident today encounters such a vicious reaction from the Establishment, it is because he is regarded as a traitor to everything Afrikanerdom stands for (since Apartheid has usurped for itself that definition) - whereas, in fact, the dissident is fighting to assert the most positive and creative aspects of his heritage" (19).
Indeed, the history of the Afrikaner reveals a will and a determination which makes one feel that Afrikanerdom is not the work of men, but the creation of God.
It is a mythology that supposedly went to the emotional core of Afrikanerdom, and that has unfortunately been perpetuated over the years by both a disinterested and uninformed domestic and international media.
Elsabe Brink (in Walker 1990: 273) also highlights the political dimension of this concept when she states that "[i]n terms of the volksmoeder concept, the Afrikaner woman was depicted not only as the cornerstone of the household but also as a central unifying force within Afrikanerdom and, as such, was expected to fulfil a political role as well'.
English-speaking white characters in One tongue singing are, however, not entirely exempt from the stereotyping evident in the unsympathetic representation of Afrikanerdom, though the two main characters, Jake Coleman and his wife Maria, in the narrative that alternates with the Camille Pascal story, are fleshed out to allow them some real substance.
105) For Malherbe, in seeking a modern national "character", Afrikanerdom had to define its sense of humor located in the volkstaal (mother tongue), that which C.
The word Afrikanerdom I have found offensive ever since at the age of seventeen I was asked by an aunt's Jewish husband--mockingly, although perhaps playfully--what I thought about Afrikanerdom.
Die wurggreep wat Verwoerd op die Afrikanerdom en -denke gekry het, was vir Pienaar 'n doring in die vlees en hy en Verwoerd ("die wit god", p.