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Synonyms for Afrikaner

a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans

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belonging or relating to white people of South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch or to their language


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Jennifer was raised in a middle-class home in Cape Town, with parents who did not adhere to the dominant ideology of Afrikanerdom.
With a shortage of DRC ministers, British governor, Lord Theophilus Shepstone, saw an opportunity to anglicise Afrikanerdom and thereby integrate it more fully into colonial-Anglo Christendom.
The commonality and centrality of the concentration camp experience in Afrikanerdom imparted a rich potential for possible future use along nationalistic lines.
This was the heartland of conservative Afrikanerdom, dominated not by the National Party, but by the Conservative Party, the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging and the latest addition to Afrikaner political parties, the Freedom Front.
22 Sartre's model of the critic brings to mind the words of an even more hard-pressed critic of his own society, the Afrikaner writer Andre Brink: "If the Afrikaner dissident today encounters such a vicious reaction from the Establishment, it is because he is regarded as a traitor to everything Afrikanerdom stands for (since Apartheid has usurped for itself that definition) - whereas, in fact, the dissident is fighting to assert the most positive and creative aspects of his heritage" (19).
Indeed, the history of the Afrikaner reveals a will and a determination which makes one feel that Afrikanerdom is not the work of men, but the creation of God.
It is a mythology that supposedly went to the emotional core of Afrikanerdom, and that has unfortunately been perpetuated over the years by both a disinterested and uninformed domestic and international media.
English-speaking white characters in One tongue singing are, however, not entirely exempt from the stereotyping evident in the unsympathetic representation of Afrikanerdom, though the two main characters, Jake Coleman and his wife Maria, in the narrative that alternates with the Camille Pascal story, are fleshed out to allow them some real substance.
105) For Malherbe, in seeking a modern national "character", Afrikanerdom had to define its sense of humor located in the volkstaal (mother tongue), that which C.
The word Afrikanerdom I have found offensive ever since at the age of seventeen I was asked by an aunt's Jewish husband--mockingly, although perhaps playfully--what I thought about Afrikanerdom.
Die wurggreep wat Verwoerd op die Afrikanerdom en -denke gekry het, was vir Pienaar 'n doring in die vlees en hy en Verwoerd ("die wit god", p.
While "his own people" accused him of aligning himself with the enemy he was really demonstrating that sense of justice and liberty and that identification with Africa which had been running in the river bed of true Afrikanerdom for centuries: a sense inspired by a history, shared with black Africans, of a tribal past, of the peasant's closeness to the earth, and of being exploited by "others" from "elsewhere.
Many leading representatives of Cape Afrikanerdom in the late-nineteenth century were considerably Anglicized and largely accepting of the imperial connection.
A realignment of sorts is taking place, then, and its effectis to draw important strata in Afrikanerdom toward the P.
When I started thinking that this book might also be cultural critique, you know of Afrikanerdom and whatever, I first started with a knitting manual, but it didn't have enough of the right vocab, because I had to give Agaat an attribute, and the knitting didn't have [.