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a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans

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Prevailing political indoctrination is evident when Anita, who is otherwise portrayed as a sensible and equable girl, reveals a somewhat uncharacteristic preoccupation with empty sentimentality as regards the Boer cause when she says: "The future of the Afrikanders lies in their spirit of justice and independence--in Faith, Hope and Charity" (61).
Thus, for example, the Boer General Viljoen observed that the men under him reacted to combat with humor (which, as we have seen, is a universal human tendency) but he assumed it to be idiosyncratic of the "The Afrikander character".
HMS Afrikander, the last RN shore establishment on South African soil, closed down and British naval personnel withdrew.
Daniels, 'n Stellenbosser, het in Desember 1883 die Afrikander League (Coloured) gestig, maar nog merkwaardiger was die invloed wat hy op Mohandas Gandhi se denke gehad het, en wat die Mahatma ingelyf het in sy filosofie van lydelike verset in Indie.
From her return to South Africa in late 1889 onwards, Schreiner saw herself as an 'Afrikander': someone who was white but whose allegiances, whose sense of belonging and self, and whose political and ethical priorities, were very much of Africa.
Then up & out of sight & the Orange River is a winding grey ribbon far below while we wing into Kimberley & this Afrikander is liberally telling me to be nice & kind to our country in my travels, & how are not we all just the same people though the room at the top may be shut for the moment.
Afrikander Lease receives royalties from Vaal Reefs for treatment of its surface and underground ore, as does Southvaal, from Vaal Reefs mining its South Lease area.
Leading Radio Electrical Mechanician Robin Henry died at HMS Afrikander, the name given to the Royal Navy's station at Simon's Town, South Africa.
deposits incluce the Anglo American Corporation's Afrikander Lease
"Multiracial" includes communities self-described as Anglo-African, Coloured, Luso-African, Indo-African, and Cape Afrikander (just to name a few).