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Synonyms for Afrikaans

an official language of the Republic of South Africa

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belonging or relating to white people of South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch or to their language


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There is no doubt, however, that the initial Afrikaans language manuscript, the tenor, the development and intricacies of these tales are uniquely Fula's.
The second important and somewhat ironic consequence of a nationalist elite governing in their own indigenous language was that this very language that had a long anti-colonial history became fatally identified with white nationalist interests, mostly through the NP between 1948 and 1994 associating Afrikaans with its white speakers and repressing its black and coloured speakers, to the extent that the Afrikaans language turned out in the youth revolt of 2015 to be seen as a remnant of apartheid and colonialism at formerly Afrikaans-only universities.
the earlier self who once moved with the Afrikaans language around him" (2009: 101).
The Afrikaans language news anchor, ended his last news bulletin on Monday evening, with millions of viewers tuned in on the SABC 2 TV channel for the 19:00 news bulletin.
The Afrikaans language was a key component in the Afrikaner movement that was to be the dominant force in South African politics for most of the twentieth century.
Hennie Snyman established another rival, Geneeskunde, in 1968 to cater for the Afrikaans language (the SAMJ was a bilingual publication).
That is the headline of leading South African rugby writer JJ Harmse's latest article in the 'Beeld' newspaper, a national Afrikaans language publication based in Pretoria.
The Afrikaans language evolved as a language of its own from Dutch so that slaves would be able to communicate with the Dutch and between themselves, since they came from a variety of countries and cultures.
JOHANNESBURG The first Afrikaans language Hollywood-style teen comedy/drama, "Bakgat," will be released countrywide in South Africa by distributor Ster Kinekor on April 11.
The South Aft-leans developed their own military slang and terminology, which often came from words in the Afrikaans language. Examples can be gleaned from the title, like afrak for physical exertion, and bosbefok for "bush crazy." There is one expression, rondfok, which might translate into the Canadian military lexicon as "head games." Fortunately for the non-South African reader Thompson provides a glossary.
They retain the Afrikaans language when you might think they would be glad to see the back of it.
The aims of establishing their own publishing company were to give expression to their political beliefs and to promote the use of the Afrikaans language (Muller 1990:53).
The original post-apartheid blue-print for a national curriculum is perhaps best known for its progressive language policy, which upended the apartheid-era Afrikaans language requirements that led to the infamous 1976 Soweto uprising and replaced them with recognition of 11 official languages.
The term Afrikaner was linked to the development of Afrikaner nationalism and pride and to the emerging Afrikaans language, cultural institutions and history as part of a bid to take political and economic power away from the English speaking elite (see Moodie 1978; O'Meara 1983; Hofmeyr 1991).