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Synonyms for Afrikaans

an official language of the Republic of South Africa

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belonging or relating to white people of South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch or to their language


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This one is held in celebration of South African Youth Day on June 16, marking the start of the Soweto Uprising of 1976 when black schoolchildren protested in response to the introduction of Afrikaans as the medium of instruction in local schools.
There was a time, though, in the beginning of 1954, when Fula's story was told in several Afrikaans and English newspapers and magazines, especially in the northern parts of the country.
Whenever Im going to a new place I like to learn the language so this year its going to be Afrikaans and then Ill do a little bit of Zulu and some Xhosa, too.Like the locals doSimcott does not learn every language on the same level.
Ironically neither the erection of this statue, nor the late 1940s decision to change from an English to an Afrikaans university would have happened if the anti-colonial war that the anti-colonial leader reluctantly entered, did not take place.
She further explores the recuperation of ordentikheid (respectability) by looking at culturally sanctioned discourses on white Afrikaans heterofeminity in the form of the volksmoeder (mother of the nation).
The former RTE star, 43, revealed: "Yes, I speak some Afrikaans. It would be like if you were with a French guy, you'd try.
The original English P-QOL questionnaire was translated into Afrikaans by an independent medical translator.
As such, Stellenbosch University, which is one of the top three in Africa and ranked 17th in the BRIGS & Emerging Markets by the World University Rankings, has been for over 150 years one of the core pillars of Atrikaner life, steeped of course in the Afrikaans language, its main medium of teaching, seen by many black South Africans as "the language of the oppressors".
Over at South Africa's Gateshead Press conference, held in a pokey corner of the team hotel's breakfast room, Springbok coach Heyneke Meyer began in English and finished up speaking his native Afrikaans.
Translated from Afrikaans, this post-Apartheid novel carries the reader through four generations of Afrikaners and the value of memory.
On close reading, however, the use of a fictional narrator, the format of the book (discussed below), and the language used (both Afrikaans and English), show this book to use the example of one life as a spotlight with which to examine larger questions on the constructions of biography, of music and its role in a discriminatory environment, and the sometimes-blurred lines between life and fiction, particularly in looking at a life as recreated through biography.
Multichoice announced this week that the Exciting Afrikaans general entertainment channel, KykNet & Kie, is now available on GOtv Plus channel 7.
During this series Reggie experiences life with a deprived community of White Afrikaans living in a South-African shanty town lacking electricity or hot water.
Sitting in her comfortable suburban living room 45 minutes east of Johannesburg, Nokuthula Magubane, 18, is doing something close to unthinkable for older generations of black South Africans: She is affectionately praising Afrikaans.