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Synonyms for Afrikaans

an official language of the Republic of South Africa

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belonging or relating to white people of South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch or to their language


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The Hobson papers donated to the Nasionale Afrikaans Letterkunde Navorsingsentrum gives no indication of any contact between Hobson, Lovedale or Mqhayi.
Following the successful launch of GOtv Plus in Namibia just over six months ago, MultiChoice Africa said it is pleased to announce the addition of a new Afrikaans channel, KykNet & Kie on the bouquet.
It was these people, found today predominantly in the Western Cape, who would eventually be classified as coloured under the apartheid regime and who still form the largest group of Afrikaans speakers to this day.
Tussen Afrikaans en Nederlands bestaan daar 'n taaiverbintenis wat maklik raakgesien kan word.
But one day my Afrikaans teacher, Matilda, a warm, arty woman with flowing brown hair, told me there was a much more complicated and disturbing story behind the campus's racial divide.
The aristocratic Germanicus, his wife Agrippina, and other characters like Piso, speak the same highly poetic Afrikaans as the common soldiers do.
A comparative reading of these two Afrikaans plays, namely Magrita Prinslo (1896) and Donkerland (1996), will focus on the theme of Afrikaner nationalism as a common theme linking these two historical plays.
In ChiShona they have been acquired from English, Nguni, Afrikaans and Portuguese over centuries.
First and foremost, with the end of Afrikaner access to power, the Afrikaans speakers had to reconfigure their sense of self in the new South Africa.
It is in this light that I shall first investigate two different Afrikaans translations of the tragedy made in South Africa in 1927 and 1938, respectively.
STEPHEN FERRIS smiles as he recalls Victor Matfield's claim that Ireland's lineout was so good against South Africa last year that they must have learned Afrikaans.
The Afrikaans Medium Decree of 1974 forced all black schools to use Afrikaans and English in a 50-50 mix for teaching, denying education to Africans in their native language.
The city's Dutch ties are evident in buildings, names and the widely-spoken derivative language Afrikaans - a symbol of the former white minority apartheid regime that denied black South Africans the vote until 1994.
Cheering on your team and berating the referee for his dubious decisions are all part of the World Cup ritual, but football fans in Dubai are being given the chance to cross cultural boundaries by shouting at the big screen in Afrikaans.
Summary: Eton Institute, UAE's leading language training institute, will be offering short-lessons in Afrikaans on Twitter during the entire month of the FIFA World Cup 2010 for football fans and travelers visiting South Africa for this much-awaited sporting event.