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Synonyms for Afrikaner

a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans

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belonging or relating to white people of South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch or to their language


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Although the Afrikaaners recognized the certain end of apartheid, there was violent disagreement among the liberation groups as to the nature of the new constitutional order.
To have an audience of white Afrikaaners mixed with diverse black Africans and to hear their comments after the performance--that was absolutely worth all of the hardship and the technical grief of touring.
"Because you have your name on your back the Afrikaaners used to heckle me.
Boer farmers moved to the growing towns and cities, and the term Afrikaaners was applied to all whites of Dutch ancestry.
They are third generation Afrikaaners and have been running a children's home on their farm for the Coventry charity since 1993.
When she died in 1926 those Afrikaaners, whose land we had stolen for its gold, shipped her body to South Africa, gave her a splendid funeral and buried her with their war heroes.
"The majority of mules are white middle-class or lower middle-class Afrikaaners who have fallen on hard times.
At a different level, the caravans of colonists departing from Independence or Saint Louis show similarities with the "voortrek" of the Cape Afrikaaners to settle beyond the Orange River and the Vaal River.
Rugby fans in the Rainbow Nation hope so, but the truth is that few Afrikaaners expect South Africa to turn the corner in their final Tri-Nations game against Australia in Cape Town.
As an Afrikaaner herself, Krog pleads with Afrikaaners to participate in the process of reconciliation.
Baum said that the Zulus were allied with the Afrikaaners, and so the plan was really one to bring "Communists from the ANC" here to teach.
Beyers Naude, a Dutch Reformed churchman whose counsel is today much sought by the Afrikaaners who once reviled him, the answer is emphatically yes.
An adaptable man, Smuts was a talented and effective guerrilla leader, popular with his men; he was also an intelligent and farsighted politician and statesman; although he failed to defeat Lettow-Vorbeck, he reinvigorated the British war effort in East Africa; his broad outlook and support of the Commonwealth ultimately cost him the backing of the rural Afrikaaners and promoted the rise of Malan's Nationalists.
Just as revealing as the deaths was the city's reaction: Like Afrikaaners on the veld, the bureaucracy circled the wagons-insuring its own survival if not that of its patients.