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Synonyms for Afrikaner

a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans

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belonging or relating to white people of South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch or to their language


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108)" They are on record for having joined African political groupings to fight against the Afrikaaner government's apartheid polic (109) y.
79) By the late 1980s, the ruling Afrikaaners were increasingly aware that change was inevitable.
First he is sent to an Afrikaaner boarding school where he becomes a constant target of bullies.
The association also succeeded in uncovering a strong connection between Zionism and Afrikaaner racism.
Dennis Haysbert gives Mandela an imposing presence, while Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love) enjoys his best role for years as his Afrikaaner warden on Robben Island, James Gregory.
The barbarities uncovered by the TRC seem passe as Marion, Brenda, her mother, Geoff, John, John's sister, and Marion's Afrikaaner office staff sit around telling jokes and making no more reference to the country's going to the dogs: "Woof, woof," as Brenda would say.
In between, lower on the horizon, he can see the fireworks on the Afrikaaner farms (Gordimer 1978, 205).
As she points out, today there are "white nationalist websites" that revisit the topic of the concentration camps, identify what happened in them as a "holocaust," and advocate the creation of an independent Afrikaaner nation-state.
Krog's stand-in character Anna Malan, the liberal Afrikaaner journalist who discovers the extent of her people's cruelty to the black majority while covering the hearings, is joined in the movie by an African-American reporter from the Washington Post.
The Second World War had just ended but no lessons seemed to have been learned as the family watched the Afrikaaner Nationalist party win a surprise election.
Julie had been staying with her friend Tinus Opperman - a 25-year-old Afrikaaner - at his parents' house in Sabie, about 120 miles from Johannesburg.
He then carved out a successful acting career which included a role as a gay Afrikaaner hairdresser in a popular South African soap.
To his credit, he seems to have been in favour of giving the vote to blacks, something that would not be achieved until Nelson Mandela's ANC finally defeated the brutal Afrikaaner regime.
Turner traveled extensively--back to New Zealand researching Maori religious movements in 1976; around Melanesia in 1977, assisting missionaries and national scholars in understanding Cargo Cults; and forging important links with Afrikaaner Christian scholars such as David Bosch in South Africa in 1978.
The death of Modisane's father, which I discuss in more detail below, brings this equation into relief: Modisane reports his father's emasculation by years of treatment as a "kaffir" by Afrikaaner police, and in his death, his features blur, rendering him nonhuman.