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the second largest continent

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Il Ninfale fiesolano di Giovanni Boccaccio, poemetto in ottave, racconta l'amore contrastato del pastore Africo e della ninfa Mensola e si chiude tragicamente con la trasformazione dei due giovani in altrettanti fiumi che portano i loro nomi nella citta di Fiesole.
"Legislation is important," Maria Gabriela De Vitta, UNICEF advisor on harmful traditional practices, told Africo Recovery.
"Africo Clementi, agronomo padovano del Cinquecento." Medioevo e Umanesimo 44: 27-69.
Now, it is time for Africa to introduce its own common currency (call it "Afric" or "Africo").
Along with these go a whole range of Greek and Roman proper names or epithets: to take only the first letter of the alphabet: Afrodite, Africo, Anadiomene, Apolline, Apollo, Archipelago, Atalanta, all occur only in the second edition, along with what in context are Nietzschean notions, similarly restricted to the second edition: preda, offerta, creare, creatrice, creatura, Pan, Ospite.
Saturday afternoon guests included: Holly Taymar; Lou Marriott, Geoff Higginbottom, Jolly Jester, The Rawmarch Masher, Unity Voices, Harry Rowland, Shepley Band, Africo Productions, Elaine Hill Dog and Duck Roundup and the Hathorne Belly Dancers.