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This gentleman sat on the left hand of Nicholas, to whom he was introduced by his friend the African Swallower, from the bottom of the table, with a high eulogium upon his fame and reputation.
The conversation threatened to take a somewhat angry tone when it had arrived thus far, but Mrs Crummles opportunely interposed to prevent its leading to any violent outbreak, by making some inquiries of the literary gentleman relative to the plots of the six new pieces which he had written by contract to introduce the African Knife-swallower in his various unrivalled performances.
This done, Mr Vincent Crummles returned thanks, and that done, the African Swallower proposed Mrs Vincent Crummles, in affecting terms.
Because it was very quiet and very dark it reminded him more of his beloved African jungle than did the noisy and garish streets surrounding it.
I think that the African race has peculiarities, yet to be unfolded in the light of civilization and Christianity, which, if not the same with those of the Anglo-Saxon, may prove to be, morally, of even a higher type.
Presently his African servant approached him, and at once their thoughts changed to a larger toleration.
The African magician had a younger brother, who was, if possible, more wicked and more cunning than himself.
You and your wife and your palace deserve to be burnt to ashes; but this request does not come from you, but from the brother of the African magician whom you destroyed.
Jellyby had very good hair but was too much occupied with her African duties to brush it.
The African project at present employs my whole time.
Jellyby, dictating, "'to inform him, in reference to his letter of inquiry on the African project--' No, Peepy!
So the theory is that the channel between Gibraltar and Africa was once dry land, and that the low, neutral neck between Gibraltar and the Spanish hills behind it was once ocean, and of course that these African animals, being over at Gibraltar (after rock, perhaps--there is plenty there), got closed out when the great change occurred.
"Do you see that there hill out there on that African coast?
African music and dance is the backbone of being African, therefore it is important that Africans find ways of resuscitating and preserving these art forms and pass them on to the next generations.
In contrast, genetic studies may reveal something that we can actually do something about." An ongoing genetics study at UCSF and Harvard University is closing in on why MS is comparatively rare in African-Americans, and even rarer in Africans.