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a strain of bees that originated in Brazil in the 1950s as a cross between an aggressive African bee and a honeybee

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Multiple regression analysis using the stepwise method with the selected models for Africanized honeybee colonies with queens selected for honey and royal jelly production in the experiment I.
Mean values and standard mean values and standard deviation, five reviews related to each of the hives were submitted for each variable of defensive behavior in africanized honeybee workers (Apis mellifera L.
In May 1987, the Africanized honeybee was detected in the south of the Yucatan Peninsula, in Quintana Roo state (Barrios-Delgado et al.
To help avoid stings from the Africanized honeybee, Dr.
And that same month, two horses in Riverside County died after being swarmed by Africanized honeybees.
As it turns out, the killer bees have proved to be more annoying than lethal, according to experts and local exterminator Gary Fisher, who says the Africanized honeybees are more aggressive than their native predecessor, the European honeybee, but not deadly.
Colonies (n = 90) of the Africanized honeybee Apis mellifera, 40 colonies producing honey and 50 producing royal jelly, were subjected to monthly tests of infestation and invasion from February to December 2009.
Therefore, this study aimed to estimate queen weight at emergence and morphometric characteristics of the wing, abdomen and thorax of Africanized honeybee queens regarding storage techniques after emergence in queen banking or incubator.
Africanized honeybees have been migrating northward after their unintended release in South America in 1957.
With the arrival of the Africanized honeybee and its reputation as a killer bee many people panic when they see more than one bee anywhere.
This research was undertaken to evaluate supplements to Africanized honeybee colonies for royal jelly production and effects on the acceptance of grafted larvae, amount of royal jelly deposited per cell and overall production per colony, investigating a possible association of these variables with the supplements provided, contributing to the knowledge of nutritional requirements of Africanized honeybees in the performance of this activity.
Drawing: (1 -- 12) no caption (Red imported fire ant queen and worker, Africanized honeybee, redgum lerp psyllid, psyllid nymph, lerp, infested leaf.
We are on the front line of protection from the Africanized honeybee and the imported fire ant.
The Africanized honeybee has been advancing northward since being accidentally released in Brazil in 1957, despite all efforts to stop the pest.
nbr=83) Picnic Island Park , located in Tampa, FL, employees were attacked by up to 100,000 Africanized honeybees, also known as killer bees reports (http://www.