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a strain of bees that originated in Brazil in the 1950s as a cross between an aggressive African bee and a honeybee

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Since the African honeybee was introduced to Brazil in 1956, there's been much concern that Africanized bees, also known as killer bees, would spread and come to dominate the bee populations in the Americas.
Some were spotted in Hidden Hills last week and in Calabasas earlier last month, so agricultural officials believe eastern Ventura County has been colonized by the Africanized bees, they said.
The Africanized bees got the ``killer'' moniker because they tend to defend their hive by launching massive, persistent attacks.
84 mm was recorded for Africanized bees (Piccirillo and De Jong, 2003) and for that of European A.
However, African and africanized bees were much more defensive than European subspecies, which required the development of appropriate management techniques.
Africanized bees are more efficient at removing Varroa jacobsoni, preliminary data.
Mortality of Mite Offspring: A Major Opponent of Varroa destructor resistance in a Population of Africanized bees," Apidologie 37: 67-74.
Washington, October 2 (ANI): A long-term study of the Africanized bee invasion of Mexico's Yucatan shows that invading 'killer bees' may actually increase food resources for native bees.
This finding could be related to increased public awareness of the Africanized bee threat and to programs implemented by the Ministry of Health that created numerous satellite centers for basic health care (called EBAIS) in both urban and rural areas.
In Tucson, Arizona, at the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center, led by research leader Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, scientists will study carbohydrate and protein supplements, Africanized bee stock improvements, and Varroa controls.
Hundreds of Africanized bee colonies have been found in the valley but Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital's emergency room has not seen one severe sting case this year, according to hospital officials.
Both European and Africanized bee colonies were never fed artificially neither with pollen nor sugar-water rife.
says bee expert Tom Martin of AAA Africanized Bee Removal Service.