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The condition of the Benades could be said to mirror that of the Africaner ideal, politically, intellectually and socially isolated, divorced from reality and drawing comfort from a stagnant gene pool.
The most pungent and economical way of summing up the leadership of the Africaner Nationalist Party is this: President P.W.
Khalistan movement does not represent all Sikhs, Afrikaner homeland does not represent all Africaners, and LTTE or TNA does not represent all Tamils.
Similar policies have been enacted in recent centuries by European Colonial powers, the Japanese, Germans, Chinese, and Africaners, among many others.) An expert report in the Brown case, prepared for the Court by the foremost authorities of the day in the fields of sociology, anthropology, psychology, and psychiatry, offers further insights into the nature of the harm generally done to those who are subject to such discrimination:
It didn't have much social support even amongst Africaners.