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tall large-horned humped cattle of South Africa

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The mean age at first calving compared favourably with the 42.8 months obtained for Africander; a Sanga breed in Mozambique [20].
You can have a Devon from Devon, a Guernsey from Guernsey, a Jersey from Jersey, or an Africander from Africa.
The "South African tribe" was, in Junod's judgment, a weaker race whose very survival was in jeopardy under the corrosive impact of the vices of white "civilization" (42) and the expansion of the racially superior Africander (Afrikaner) population, "formed by the amalgamation of some of the best stocks of the Aryan race." It was therefore the sacred duty of all friends of the South African tribe to work for its "salvation." According to "a great law of the moral world," pronounced Junod, "if a superior race does not work for the moral betterment of the inferior, the inferior causes the superior to degenerate." (43) The only salvation for the Bantu therefore lay in the regeneration that Christianity would bring and in the enlightenment of the mind through Western education.
From the end of the South African War through the course of the twentieth century, by contrast, the term Afrikaner was used by Afrikaans speakers themselves to denote an ethnically/racially distinct nation, and "Africander" (meaning "of Africa") was used to reinforce the claim that they were indigenous to the continent.
This tract probably did the Boer cause much harm with its claim of `Africa for the Africander' `from Zambesi to Simon's Bay'.
The 37th annual Belmont Stakes was won by Africander, with a time of 2:23 1/5.