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an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

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Moreover, the UCSF study found that African-Americans were diagnosed faster--one year from onset of symptoms to diagnosis, versus two years from onset to diagnosis for white Americans.
Danny Williams, the African-American executive director of Cleveland Growth Partnership, a regional minority business development engine, is one ally.
94, who was among the first African-Americans to enlist in the Marines in 1942.
QUESTION: "Do you know of any study that has compared the longevity of African-American vegetarians to African-Americans who are not vegetarians?
We know there is a disparity between African-Americans and others in the county,'' said Cynthia Harding, the county's director of maternal, child and adolescent health programs.
Then in 1994, Essences former lifestyle editor Harriette Cole wrote her groundbreaking Jumping the Broom: The African-American Wedding Planner.
Pauline Hopkins and the Occult: African-American Revisions of Nineteenth-Century Sciences.
There have been countless stories from African-Americans living with AIDS, both gay and straight, of being turned away from their churches because they have AIDS.
Studies published in 1990 in the JofA by Bert Mitchell, the chairman and founder of Mitchell & Titus, LLP, the largest minority-controlled firm in the United States, identified only 150 African-Americans among 100,000 (total population) CPAs in 1969.
In almost every chronic disease category, African-Americans are disproportionately afflicted.
Although he details the changing identities of African-Americans on and off ships, he neglects to place them within the larger context of emerging class structures in the Atlantic world.
How else can we explain the idea that democracy and egalitarianism were defined as central cultural beliefs in the nineteenth century while millions of African-Americans were enslaved?
It masks the fact that African-Americans are faced with a lack of equal opportunity that is caused in part by precisely those members of society who want to do the most to promote integration.
By investing in education and creating materials that will be used by teachers in schools, and supporting educational workshops, Farmers is a true partner in furthering the education of students about the great accomplishments of African-Americans," said Charmaine Jefferson, Director of the California African-American Museum.
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