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The role that African-American grandmothers play when an adult female child is incarcerated reinforces the elevated status within the community that black grandmothers have always had.
In this Essay, I will primarily focus on: (1) the history of African-American grandmothers in the United States; (2) their status when they take on the role of raising grandchildren of their incarcerated children; and (3) the impact of mass female incarceration on these children.
The West African culture and tradition of caregiving across generations through the extended family carried over into America, (24) and most African-American grandmothers pride themselves on being the glue that holds their families together.
In Oakland and Berkeley in the 1980s, it was not until African-American grandmothers stood up and said "no more dead children" that the consciousness of the community got raised to a degree that got policymakers moving to really concentrate on families at risk.
Assata Zerai's research with African-American grandmothers raising their cocaine-exposed grandchildren substantiates many legal and practical barriers that make difficult their efforts to provide good care for these young family members.
It's searching for African-American grandmothers age 50 or older, living with a grandchild 18 or younger in homes that do not include the grandchild's parents, to participate in a three-year national study on the psychological well-being of such grandparent care-givers.
Rodgers and Jones conducted interviews with 19 African-American grandmothers, ranging in age from 47 to 74.
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