African American Vernacular English

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a nonstandard form of American English characteristically spoken by African Americans in the United States

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Mufwene's chapter ("The shared ancestry of African-American and American White Southern Englishes: some speculations dictated by history") takes up the contentious question of the relationship between African-American English and the English of white Southerners.
The terms "Black English" and "African-American English" have often been equated, in the literature on African-American speech, with African-American Vernacular English, a nonstandard variety (1) of African-American English characterized by grammatical, lexical and phonological features such as the invariant be, words and phrases such as word!
After this come contributions on British and Irish antecedents, the influence of other languages used by later immigrants, Americanisms, slang, dialect, African-American English, changing grammatical usages, spe lling, usage, Canadian English, Newfoundland English and, finally, the spread of American English round the world in which British ire at the invasion of Americanisms into the Mother Tongue is carefully, and sometimes humorously examined.
In African-American communities, the school has been a place where children form a bridge between African-American English or language and "standard" or "edited" English.
the daughter of a Chilean immigrant, and Ayres, a 27 -year-old Anglo-American counseling psychologist, had grown in just a few short weeks of Advent sessions where Latino parishioners taught Spanish to Anglo and African-American English speakers and vice versa.
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