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Synonyms for African-American

an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

pertaining to or characteristic of Americans of African ancestry

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Although Faulkner downplays the conflict between white and black abolitionist-feminists over the fifteenth amendment, which gave freedmen the vote, it is clear that Reconstruction politics created a separate African-American political movement.
Many African-American women think that they simply don't have room for MS in a life busy with children, careers, and education.
The early African-American Marine recruits were galvanized and unified after a misinterpreted comment by a Camp Lejeune commander who said that when he returned from overseas and found "you people wearing our uniform," he knew there was a war on.
ANSWER: There have only been a few studies that examined African-American vegetarians, and none looked at longevity.
Jackson and other gay rights detractors would likewise do well to remember the pivotal role played in the civil rights movement by a gay African-American writer named James Baldwin, whose novel Another Country and essay "The Fire Next Time" were the most widely read texts of the civil rights era.
In particular, little is known about the experiences of African-American students, despite the fact that the latter tend to attain lower levels of achievement in research courses than do their Caucasian-American counterparts (Onwuegbuzie, 1999).
In fact, Bush's White House seems especially focused on using the larger endeavor as part of an aggressive outreach effort to African-American voters in competitive political states and districts.
TAMA MATTOCKS IS A LIVELY, ARTICulate 42-year-old African-American woman who lobbies for a healthcare association in Washington, D.C.
AlabamaNorth: African-American Migrants, Community and Working-Class Activism in Cleveland, 1915-45.
Although Hispanic representation increased in the past two decades, African-American presence in nonminority-owned CPA firms actually declined, from 1.8% to 1.4%, since the AICPA began keeping statistics in 1976 (exhibit 1, at right).
He said that the reason there are not more African-American golfers playing at the highest level in the sport is because blacks have "different muscles that react in different ways."
An African-American woman helps put herself through school by participating in the college work-study program at a Virginia hospital, and, in little more than a decade, assumes leadership of a hospital in Illinois, building bridges between the institution and its African-American patients.
The African-American Archive: The History of the Black Experience Through Documents, edited by Kai Wright (Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc., 2001), is a rare find and contains hundreds of historical documents culled from the 16th to the 21st centuries.
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