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Synonyms for African-American

an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

pertaining to or characteristic of Americans of African ancestry

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Public Health Service allowed a group of African-American men to go without any treatment for their syphilis from 1932 to 1972, while the men believed they were receiving care in a research study.
Table 7-9: Attitudes toward Sales and Bargains, African-American vs.
With a Foreword by Myrlie Evers-Williams, former NAACP chairwoman and widow of slain civil rights leader Medger Evers, Civil Rights Chronicle: The African-American Struggle for Freedom (Legacy Publishing/Publications International, Ltd.
This study is narrowly focused on African-American males and Euro-referenced white males.
Features songs and poetry from the earliest sources of African-American music in this country from the Civil War to the civil-rights movement.
As the city has been making its transition from assembly-line manufacturing to the more lucrative and fast-growing spheres of biomedical research and computer software, those like Scott are concerned that too much immigration will come at the expense of educating and training the next generation of African-American computer programmers and biomedical engineers.
The early African-American Marine recruits were galvanized and unified after a misinterpreted comment by a Camp Lejeune commander who said that when he returned from overseas and found "you people wearing our uniform," he knew there was a war on.
He recalls Pero's leadership in articulating and clarifying the challenge of indigenizing the Lutheran tradition in African-American and other communities of color.
QUESTION: "Do you know of any study that has compared the longevity of African-American vegetarians to African-Americans who are not vegetarians?
The African-American infant mortality rate in 2002 was 32.
African-American teenage girls and the construction of black womanhood in mass media and popular culture.
Yet emancipation also brought about a number of seemingly insurmountable challenges for African-American women.
In addition, the administration is surveying the political landscape and realizing that the GOP will need stronger support from African-American voters, who have traditionally rejected Republican overtures, to win key political campaigns nationwide.
TAMA MATTOCKS IS A LIVELY, ARTICulate 42-year-old African-American woman who lobbies for a healthcare association in Washington, D.
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