African wild ass

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a wild ass of Africa


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Donkeys originated in the North African deserts originally working in turquoise mines and are a descendant of the African Wild Ass.
In the new study, scientists traced the family trees of the domestic donkey using samples from living animals, skeletons of African wild ass held in museums worldwide and isolated donkey bones from African archaeological sites.
This is the first study to determine the African wild ass, which includes the Nubian strain, is the ancestor of the domestic donkey.
There are small numbers of the Somali subspecies of the African wild ass in zoos and wildlife preserves, and about 600 still exist in the wild in Eritrea and Ethiopia, but the Nubian subspecies was last seen in the Red Sea Hills of Sudan late in the 20th century.
Besides revealing that the African wild ass is the living ancestor of today's domestic donkeys, the genetic evidence also reveals that the Somali wild ass is not a living ancestor as once suspected, but closer akin to a more modern cousin.
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