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tropical African plant cultivated as a houseplant for its violet or white or pink flowers

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Again, African Violets are very difficult to treat and I would only remove infected leaves.
African violets (Saintpaulia) are from the mountains of East Africa, introduced here by the German Baron Walter von St Paul Illaire as recently as 1894.
African Violets were discovered in German East Africa in 1892 by scientists in the Tropical Rain Forests.
Sweep hairy leaves of African violets clean with a dry paintbrush.
It would be a poor investment for common potted specimens that are almost impossible to kill off, like African Violets or Spider Plants.
| TAKE leaf cuttings from plants with thick, fleshy leaves including African violets and sedum.
Homegrown African violets and Christmas cactus plants make wonderful gifts for any occasion, whether it is for house-warmings, birthdays or on holidays.
PROPAGATE African violets by inserting leaf cuttings now.
She was actively involved with the woman's club at Worcester State College Not only did she regularly attended mass at Christ the King Church, Mary, known as the "Diva", was an active member of the church choir for over 30 years.In her free time, Mary enjoyed reading, cross word puzzles, listening to music (Opera and Classical were her favorites) and tending to her African Violets. She frequently attended the Huntington Theatre in Boston and concerts at Mechanics Hall in Worcester with her husband and their friends.Her funeral will be on held on Friday, February 13th from O'CONNOR BROTHERS FUNERAL HOME, 592 Park Avenue with a Mass at 10:00 AM in Christ the King Church, 1052 Pleasant Street, Worcester.
If you have a warm, sunny window site, begonias, geraniums or African violets are each reliable winter bloomers.
(The phalaenopsis given to me by the staff at Mississippi Magazine has been blooming nonstop for almost three years.) African violets are commonplace, old fashioned but beautiful.
African violets are caught by the fuzz WHAT'S 9 causing all the white fluff that's appeared on my African violets?
snow failing from fur coats into the canals of hell as a proviso against all weather in a yellow pot of african violets ...
For a small fee per photo essay, I will do this research and save the paper the embarrassment and guilt of printing photos of German shepherds, Japanese elms, African violets, and Persian cats.
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