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tropical African plant cultivated as a houseplant for its violet or white or pink flowers

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Homegrown African violets and Christmas cactus plants make wonderful gifts for any occasion, whether it is for house-warmings, birthdays or on holidays.
Small African violets can be content on a bathroom vanity with filtered light.
Keep in bright but not direct sunshine and in about two months you'll have a baby African violet.
If you want to increase your houseplant stock, leaf cuttings may be taken between spring and late autumn and are particularly suitable for propagating African violets, Begonia rex and streptocarpus.
Pictured above is a geranium (cranesbill) LET THEM MULTIPLY: African violets, above, and dogwoods, above right, are particularly suitable for propagating
African violets do best with 8 to 12 hours of ambient light but cannot tolerant direct light that will burn their leaves.
African violets were first discovered over 100 years ago in the Usambara Mountains in what is now Tanzania, Africa.
In the past, when I looked at those cheerful, uplifted African violets on display at the store, I was filled with wonder at their beauty and the promise of enchanting days ahead.
African violets like sun so keep it in a south-facing spot.
Commercial strawberries and potatoes are propagated this way, as are geraniums and African violets.
We did one project called water wicking of African Violets," says Lentz.
He grew African violets in an office filled with the aroma of Captain Black tobacco.
Today Teller, 76 and officially retired, still holds court at Livermore in an office decorated with African violets and pictures of mushroom clouds.
Scientists and violet enthusiasts alike have spent years crossbreeding to produce a diverse and vigorous breed of African violets, including bi-colored flowers.
Decorate with style Hyacinths suit containers of both TipNEXT time you boil an egg save the water for your African violets - the calcium-rich water helps make their flower colours more vivid.
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