African violet

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tropical African plant cultivated as a houseplant for its violet or white or pink flowers

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Believe it or not, a few years ago I rooted a single African violet leaf, and now have an east facing windowsill filled with mature plants, each an offspring from the original cutting.
(The phalaenopsis given to me by the staff at Mississippi Magazine has been blooming nonstop for almost three years.) African violets are commonplace, old fashioned but beautiful.
African violet plant food (8-14-9), following manufacturer's recommended directions is even better.
The African violet has become one of the most popular flowering houseplants in the world.
African violets like sun so keep it in a south-facing spot.
who slaves over a prizewinning African violet. Now imagine a florist
[Katy] picked a hyacinth, a hydrangea, a chrysanthemum, an African violet, a lily of the valley, a trout lily, a bleeding heart, a jack-in-the-pulpit, and an Asiatic lily.
As well as the better-known elephants, lions and hippos, they are also home to species such as the bushbaby, elephant shrew and sunbird, as well as plants like the African violet.
When the German adventurer sent seeds home, the African violet quickly became popular at the Royal Botanic Garden in Hamburg.
Perhaps because they're so easy to grow, spider plants have seldom shared the cachet of such other houseplants as the African violet, amaryllis or asparagus fern.
Activities will include fall crafts, an apple heirloom apple tasting tour, and a show and sale of stunning begonias and gesneriad flowers, such as the African violet.
Keep in bright but not direct sunshine and in about two months you'll have a baby African violet. Pot on at this stage to help it flourish.
Kalanchoe, which is also known as Flaming Katy on account of its fiery flowers, has similar requirements to the African violet, although it does not require the high level of humidity which the violet does.
Call (508) 835-4820 for updates.African violet showBOYLSTON -- The 52nd annual African violet show and plant sale will be held on Saturday, April 26, from 10 a.m.
and you can use the flowers to make country wine DIY it Jungle rhythm To propagate an African violet, remove a healthy, mature leaf from the mother plant by cutting it close to the base or gently pulling it downwards until it breaks off.
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