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elevated open grassland in southern Africa


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The white-painted cluster of traditional style buildings might suggest that this was a farm on the South African veldt.
Our ancestors who survived for millions of years on the African veldt endowed us with tools for survival and reproduction.
Using puppetry, nicely-shaped movement and an evocative score, the play takes us from the African veldt (where the boy, Bertie and the white lion cub first meet) to the battlefields in France during the First World War and then, as time moves on and the boy becomes a man, to the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, where the white lion's image is carved on a hillside so that he will be remembered in perpetuity.
Susan Gibbs conveys, too, the unique qualities of the southern African veldt, a place where you never feel lonely for when you are alone you are not alone.
And I who am far away across the sea, far out now on the African Veldt, my heart is filled with love and kindness.
Open safari vehicles travel through an African veldt habitat where animals such as zebras, wildebeests and giraffes roam apparently free, while predators are separated from both prey and guests.
THE VENUE: Kate and DuRandt invited friends and family to hear them say "I do" at Umbhaba Lodge, a lakeside hotel and wedding venue in the heart of the South African veldt.
It now boasts a safari over a grassy African veldt, a rhino rally and the chance to mingle with all manner of exotic creatures, combined with more than 20 bona fide theme park rides and shows.
Yet its natural beauty is second to none, situated as it is on the coast with miles of sandy white beaches and world-renowned mountain ranges, surrounded by the South African veldt.
My obsession with Land Rover dates back to my early teen years in Johannesburg, when Range Rovers were passports to great adventures in the African veldt.
The ex-Ballykissangel star has acquired a set of new skills thanks to his latest role as a vet on the South African veldt.
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