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elevated open grassland in southern Africa


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From the African veld to the rolling Cotswolds and the battlefields of First World War France, follow the adventures of Bertie and the White Lion as they strive to find sanctuary amongst devastating adversity.
von Wieligh, 1859-1932) from Khoikhoi storytellers of the African veld. Imaginatively illustrated by artist Dale Blankenaar, these extremely eccentric-looking animals do indeed look as though they could talk amongst themselves, spinning many a tale.
In the first chapter of Willemsdorp the omniscient narrator describes the small settlement and what he dubs the Boers' schizophrenia "of trying to adapt the rigid tenets of their Calvinistic creed to the spacious demands made by life on the African veld" (14).
Katich reckons both Victoria and South Australia will also get equal help from the South African veld.
The children one a girl of 14 wore rags when care workers took them from their hut in the South African veld.
It's early morning mist across the African veld, and British player Whitehead is well-qualified to play its soundtrack as a result of her involvement in the bands of the many South African jazz exiles who had such a huge influence over British jazz in the 1970s and 80s.
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