African tulip

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African plant with bright green evergreen leaves and umbels of many usually deep violet-blue flowers

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The African tulip tree crowds out native species and is extremely difficult to remove as it can easily regrow from its root fragments and wind-dispersed seeds.
And with plants like orange and red Chinese hats, Seminole Dombeya--with its pink hydrangea-like blooms--giant irises, King Ixora, African tulip tree and the showy Brazilian Red Cloak, to name a few, the pleasure is never ending.
At the side of the road grew mangoes, ginger, avocado, breadfruit, passion fruit, lychees, hibiscus, bourgainvillea,and African tulip trees.
Jogging paths wind through many of the parks, including the tree-studded Parque de los Colomos, and along the wide boulevards colorfully lined with blooming jacaranda and African tulip trees.
Blooming trees such as jacaranda, cassia, royal poinciana, African tulip tree, gold tree, Cordia, orchid and golden shower trees grace the grounds.
Dalmacio said he personally chose the different varieties of San Francisco, Royal Palm, and African Tulips to provide a forest like feel to his yard.
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