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an encephalitis that was epidemic between 1915 and 1926

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Naviaux, MD tested the effect of suramin, used to treat trypanosomiasis or African sleeping sickness, a parasitic disease and found that suramin blocked the extracellular signaling pathway used by ATP and other mitokines in a mouse model of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ending the cell danger response and related inflammation.
Although there are cures and treatments available in the western world, the problem of malaria and African Sleeping Sickness continues to be widespread, killing millions in Africa.
East African sleeping sickness is rapidly progressive disease causing mental deterioration, neurological problems and death ithin months.
The current East African sleeping sickness is spread by a parasite with a mutation allowing it to dodge the normal APOL1 protein.
For the treatment of East African sleeping sickness, only suramin and melarsoprol are used in the first and second stage of the disease, respectively.
There are two types of African sleeping sickness or African trypanosomiasis; each simply enough named for the region of Africa in which it was found.
BioAlliance Pharma SA, which develops medications for infectious diseases in cancer and HIV patients, agreed to pay Immtech Pharmaceuticals Inc (New York) as much as $16 million for an experimental pill for African sleeping sickness.
He has something called African sleeping sickness and I had visions of Al getting worse and worse until he ended up deaf, dumb, blind and in a wheelchair by episode seven
has announced that the FDA has granted Orphan Drug Designation to pafuramidine (DB289) for treating Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT), also known as African sleeping sickness.
Two patients with African sleeping sickness (SS) presented to the neurology unit, Pretoria Academic Hospital, during 2004 and 2005.
A simple search under "fatigue" left me reeling when the web revealed I could be suffering from acute kidney failure, rheumatic fever or, God forbid, something called African sleeping sickness.
The unexpected discovery may provide an "avenue" for disease control of African sleeping sickness, according to Dr Keith Gull, of Oxford University, and his colleagues.
Ohio State University researcher shave found that extracts from two Mojave Desert plants can kill the parasites that cause leishmaniasis and African sleeping sickness.
We are developing treatments for fungal infections, malaria, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, Pneumocystis pneumonia and tropical diseases, including African sleeping sickness (trypanosomiasis) and leishmaniasis.
Since then he has been involved in research, particularly into African sleeping sickness.
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