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an encephalitis that was epidemic between 1915 and 1926

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Pafuramidine is currently in phase III clinical trials for African sleeping sickness at six trial sites in Africa.
Naviaux, MD tested the effect of suramin, used to treat trypanosomiasis or African sleeping sickness, a parasitic disease and found that suramin blocked the extracellular signaling pathway used by ATP and other mitokines in a mouse model of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ending the cell danger response and related inflammation.
The current East African sleeping sickness is spread by a parasite with a mutation allowing it to dodge the normal APOL1 protein.
Recent WHO estimates indicate that approximately 60 million people are at risk of contracting the African sleeping sickness (also called human African trypanosomiasis) with an estimated 50,000 to 70,000 new cases occurring each year.
There are two types of African sleeping sickness or African trypanosomiasis; each simply enough named for the region of Africa in which it was found.
Since then he has been involved in research, particularly into African sleeping sickness.
Two patients with African sleeping sickness (SS) presented to the neurology unit, Pretoria Academic Hospital, during 2004 and 2005.
African sleeping sickness is a fatal, vector-borne parasitic disease spread by tsetse flies that threatens approximately 60 million people in sub- Saharan Africa.
Immtech is working with the Consortium to develop pafuramidine as an oral treatment for African sleeping sickness and, if it is approved, pafuramidine will be the first oral drug ever developed to treat this disease.
French researcher Claude Helene, of the National Institute for Health and Medical Research in Paris, has used antisense DNA to interrupt the life cycle of the protozoan Trypanosoma brucei, which causes African sleeping sickness.
The conference will feature a particular focus on parasitic protozoans that cause infectious diseases such as malaria, African sleeping sickness and leishmaniasis.
Immtech is developing oral drugs to treat infectious diseases such as pneumonia, fungal infections ($4 billion annual sales), malaria (affecting 2 billion people and causing 2 million deaths annually), tuberculosis (affecting 2 billion people and causing 2 million deaths annually), diabetes (affecting 170 million people), hepatitis ($2 billion annual sales), and tropical diseases such as African sleeping sickness (affecting 60 million people) and Leishmania (prevalent in 80 countries).
1 NATURE, Vladimir Volloch and his colleagues at the Boston Biomedical Research Institute describe their work with the protozoan Trypanosoma brucei, which causes African sleeping sickness.
Many of the countries represented, including India, Argentina, Venezuela, Uganda and Kenya, are among those where leishmaniasis, Chagas disease and African sleeping sickness are endemic.
African sleeping sickness in tourists returning from Tanzania: the first 2 Italian cases from a small outbreak among European travelers.
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