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Based on the recent history of demise and restocking of African rhinoceros, it is plausible that the positive Tajima's D value reflects recent bottleneck in these fragmented population while the Eastern African negative Tajima's D value is a result of recent population expansion from few founding individual rhinoceroses.
The African rhinoceros has the ability to recover from relatively small gene pools, but all hope for this subspecies is now gone.
Those high densities have been maintained for 30 years, and there has been similar success stories with the African rhinoceros.
Black and White Rhinoceros horns were equally prized by jambiya craftsmen for dagger handles up until the 1990s, and Yemeni demand has been a notable factor in the rise in poaching and plummeting of African rhinoceros numbers over the last three to four decades.
The African rhinoceros has two horns on its head 4.
If you don't know John Cook, be aware that when you meet him, the conversation will inevitably turn to two subjects: opera and the African rhinoceros. The disjunction may seem startling, but the affable and gregarious Cook loves to talk about them both, the twin personal enthusiasms that have fuelled the public commitment of his time and resources for more than 30 years.
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