Python sebae

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very large python of tropical and southern Africa

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High-risk species-Burmese pythons, northern and southern African pythons, boa constrictors and yellow anacondas-put larger portions of the US mainland at risk, constitute a greater ecological threat, or are more common in trade and commerce.
TOKYO: Tokyo parents have been told to keep an eye on their babies following the escape of a 12ft African python.
Led by teacher Sean O'Donovan, the Potters Green Road based school is the only educational establishment in the city to run a Student Apprenticeship in animal care, with support from among others a West African python, a chinchilla, an iguana, a pair of African grey parrots, stick insects and a Shetland pony.
Graham built jungle-style trellises and grew climbing leafy plants up them which you would think could be harbouring an African python.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is racing to keep northern African pythons, also known as rock pythons, from slithering into the Everglades.
He said African pythons are "so mean they come out of the egg striking.
This is the smallest of the African pythons and is popular in the pet trade, largely due to its typically docile temperament.
The royal python is the smallest of African pythons and is so named partly on the story that queen Cleopatra supposedly wore the snake around her wrist
Thieves have made off with a nest of African pythons, it emerged last night.
THIEVES have slithered away with an unusual haul ( a nest of African pythons.
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