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any one of the countries occupying the African continent

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Jordan tops the list of Arab investors in the North African nation with 130 million dollars, followed by Saudi Arabia with 70 million dollars and the United Arab Emirates with 26 million dollars, he said.
The other African nations to qualify for the world cup are Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and host South Africa.
So, one big happy family, Ghana heads off toward Brazil, becoming the fifth African nation to advance to the second round.
It's hard to imagine another African country that was interfered with by foreign powers quite so thoroughly, and so disastrously, as Eritrea," the small African nation that recently fought a successful guerilla war of liberation against the much larger Ethiopia, according to journalist Wrong.
While the bill offers no definition for "apparel items," it should clearly allow an exporter to ship roll goods to a subSaharan African nation.
Nabil Fahmy departed for Senegal on Tuesday as part of intensive efforts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to strengthen ties with African nations.
Rahimi further underlined that during his talks with the officials of the African nation, the two sides are also slated to make decisions on consolidation of ties and bolstering of interactions and exchanges.
Summary: South Korea will recall its ambassador to Libya next week as part of efforts to start relations with the African nation anew after resolving an espionage row that had hampered ties for months, an official said Monday.
agency has warned that a dramatic shortfall in donations for Chad&'s agriculture relief puts 2 million people at risk of hunger in the African nation, AP reported.
The former Scotland manager has endured a disastrous spell in charge of the African nation and threatened to resign last week because he hadn't been paid.
Could peace finally be coming to the West African nation of Liberia?
By all accounts, there are between 25 to 45 small African refugee and immigrant groups in San Diego, many of them representing the same African nation or ethnicity.
Malawi-Lilongwe--The Muslim push in Africa has also surfaced in the east African nation of Malawi.
ENGLAND manager Roy Hodgson thinks an African nation has more chance of winning next year's World Cup than a European one.
It's the true-life story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager in the African nation of Rwanda who, when ethnic genocide broke out in 1994, managed to protect more than 1,200 refugees from slaughter.
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