African marigold

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a stout branching annual with large yellow to orange flower heads

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Adekunle OK (2011) Amendment of soil with African marigold and sunn hemp for management of Meloicogyne incognita in selected legumes.
1993) investigated commercial African marigold production, they did not examine cultivar suitability for mechanical harvest.
The vast array of garden marigolds traces back to three ancestors: African marigolds, French marigolds, and signet marigolds, all of which originated in the Americas.
African marigold varieties, from Tagetes erecta , are larger in every respect and quicker-growing, reaching 30cm-40cm (12in-16in) in height and spread, though some kinds go up to 60cm-90cm (2ft-3ft) and have blooms some 12cm (5in) across.
The leonine African marigold Simba is so-called because of its mane-like flowerheads packed full of incurved petals in bright orange.
African marigold varieties, from Tagetes erecta, are larger in every respect and quicker growing, reaching 30 cm - 40 cm (12in-16in) in height and spread, though some kinds go up to 60 cm - 90 cm (2ft-3ft) and have blooms some 12 cm (5in) across.
If you do not want wildflowers but prefer more traditional garden plants then there are still plenty to choose from such as the iceplants (sedum), buddleia (commonly known as the butterfly bush), heliotrope (cherry pie), lavender, valerian, primroses, aubrieta, scabious, African marigold, annual phlox, poached egg plant, candytuft, Michaelmas daisies and Erigeron.
These marigolds are often called African marigolds, although they are really from Mexico.
Highly commended is Pam Burke, of North Hykeham in Lincoln, who has shown me her stunning colourful display of begonias, geraniums, busy lizzies, African marigolds and coleus which she planted to brighten up the whole neighbourhood.
Although we call these flowers French or African marigolds, their forbears are plants of the South West United States and Central and South America, so we should really be calling them American marigolds.
Exception: | Adopt the same procedure for peppers, aubergines and any of the tender plants you are growing as companion plants for your veg, such as French and African marigolds.
It belongs to a different species, in fact, than the French or African marigolds soon to open their sunny heads in gardens almost everywhere.
Sow under glass varieties of slow maturing bedding plants such as petunias, lobelia and African marigolds.
Planting onions or chives close to carrots is supposed to deter carrot fly, French or African marigolds have a strong aroma which is supposed to confuse aphids searching for tender salad leaves.
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