African mahogany

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African tree having hard heavy odorless wood

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African mahogany grown in Australia--Wood quality and potential uses.
Caption: FIGURE 4: Climatic (A) and edaphoclimatic (B) aptitude maps to African Mahogany in Brazil.
The results recorded for African mahogany (0.82m) and guanandi (0.73m) in the 12th month were satisfactory, when their values were compared to those obtained by FALES and BUENO (1999) and SOUZA et al.
One of the reasons for the introduction of African mahogany in Brazil is its resistance to one of the main pests that attacks the native mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King), named meliaceae shoot borer (Hypsipyla grandella Zeller - Lepidoptera: Pyralidae ), whose larvae destroy the apical region of the host plant and cause deformation and scraping, resulting in wood depreciation (Newton et al., 2007, Opuni-Frimpong et al., 2008).
The newest line features topsheets of exotic woods such as bubinga, marbled chenchen (pictured), and African mahogany in limited editions--about 25 pairs per variety.
Building materials were chosen with a sophisticated eye: mahogany and clear Douglas fir window and door interiors: teak cabinetry throughout; floors made of Philippine shell stone and white oak graded a bit roughly to give them a beachy feel; warm Sipo African mahogany interior and exteriors, oolite stone wall cladding, and walkways and courtyards of South Florida dense coral stone that looks as if it were lifted from the Hemingway estate in Key West.
In Egypt, experiments have been carried out to turn sewage water into wooden biomass and biofuel crops, such as Casuarina, African mahogany, Jojoba and Neem -- all different types of trees, in addition to Jatropha.
Species include: African mahogany, sapele, teak, ebony, knotty pine, birds-eye maple, cherry, hickory and walnut.
The rest of the boat is built using central African mahogany. It will cost a million and be sold for two.
in Leavenworth, said he made three of the boxes simultaneously using African Mahogany, curly maple, bird's eye maple and ebony.
Mixed plantation of African mahogany species could be used as tool to catalyze natural regeneration and to facilitate restoration of degraded forest ecosystems in Ghana.
"Most of what we have sold has been used as an African mahogany replacement and sometimes in place of cherry.
He noted the building has two courtrooms, along with related robing and conference rooms, which make extensive use of African mahogany. The mahogany also is used throughout the building.
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