African lily

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African plant with bright green evergreen leaves and umbels of many usually deep violet-blue flowers

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Museum gave Rogers a rare success in his native land by winning the Ebor Handicap by a short head under 7st 13lb, and then completed the trainer's unique Classic clean sweep with an easy victory over stablemate African Lily in the Irish St Leger.
Larger again, but not as large as the African lily, is Veltheimia viridifolia.
His choices include Physocarpus opulifolius'Diable d'Or', a wonderful foliage shrub with arching branches and red-brown leaves, Phormium cookianum, with its bold architectural forms and exotic colours, and Agapanthus, the Blue lily or African lily is a wonderful summer blooming perennial that loves a sunny border or a pot on the patio.
Whereas the blue African lily, Agapanthus can also be planted in April this it is often difficult to establish, so probably better to buy pot grown plants later in spring.
Summer flowering bulbs such as the wonderful agapanthus, or African lily, also looK fantastic in pots, providing a striKing display of ball-shaped 13cm flower clusters in blues or whites, late in summer.
THE Agapanthus, or African lily, is a hardy perennial which Adrienne recommends for planting in a large tub on a patio or balcony.
One of Honey's favourite patio plants is agapanthus, the African lily, a perennial whose trumpet-shaped flowers in blue and occasionally white stand, erect above strappy leaves.
One of Robbie's favourite patio plants is agapanthus, the African lily, a perennial whose trumpet-shaped flowers stand erect above strappy leaves.
A collection of five superb perennials, one each of decorative Geranium (above right), African Lily, Poppy, Canna Lily and Gypsophila.
Neither agapanthus africanus, the African lily, nor galtonia, the summer hyacinth, are fully hardy.