African hunting dog

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a powerful doglike mammal of southern and eastern Africa that hunts in large packs

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Knowsley's baboons were the most enjoyable to photograph for Penny Boyd; African hunting dogs at Knowsley Safari Park; Penny Boyd - spent months capturing the Safari Park's creatures on camera
But people can also come face-to-face with African hunting dogs and a giraffe.
Vaccine-associated canine distemper infection in a litter of African hunting dogs (Lycaon pictus).
A high school graduate, Ball's latest project involves the development of an unbarred, thrilling walk-through savanna exhibit, which showcases African hunting dogs, endangered Black rhinoceroses, chimpanzees, tropical island critters and other domestic animals.
Our zebra is a life-size cardboard creation, handmade by a talented volunteer to be used as an enrichment activity for the zoo's pack of African hunting dogs.
Other new attractions include African hunting dogs and a birds of prey display in the courtyard with snowy owls, African spotted eagle owl and a Ural owl.
They also hope the African Hunting Dogs andRed River Hogs will breed at Knowsley.
Knowsley continues to support the Endangered Wildlife Trust which helps to protect African hunting dogs by funding anti-poaching teams, radio-tracking collars and vehicles.
DUBLIN Zoo got an early Christmas present yesterday with the arrival of six endangered African hunting dogs and a baby giraffe.
Team leader of the African Plains at Dublin Zoo Helen Clarke said: "African hunting dogs are among the most endangered animals in the world so this birth is of great importance to us." The baby giraffe was born on December 1 and Ms Clarke said the calf is thriving.
A MAJOR fundraising drive has been launched at Knowsley Safari Park to help one of its rarest exhibits in the wild, African Hunting Dogs.
The park has also added a pair of Red River hogs in its walk around area, and this will also be the first full season for Knowsley's pack of 12 endangered African hunting dogs.
Twelve African Hunting Dogs -also known as African Wild Dogs, Cape Hunting Dogs or Painted Dogs - are happily settling into their new home on Merseyside.
Other new arrivals during 2006 included a breeding pack of 12 critically endangered African Hunting Dogs from a wildlife park in Kent.
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