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and type 1 EEV, 1 AHSV, 2 WNV ([dagger]) * AHSV, African horse sickness virus; CNS, central nervous system sample; EEV, equine encephalosis virus; MIDV, Middelburg virus; NA, not applicable; SHUV, Shunivirus; SINV, Sindbis virus; WNV, West Nile virus; --, undetectable in central nervous system sample; +, positive.
Specimens had been screened as appropriate for poisons and specific pathogens, including rabies, equine herpes virus, African horse sickness virus, and equine encephalosis virus (4,5).
Vaccination against bluetongue disease, EHD, and African horse sickness in Algeria is forbidden by law because vaccinated animals cannot be differentiated from naturally infected animals.
Of them, Rift Valley fever, West Nile fever, and African horse sickness are of particular concern.
More immediately, Bruss is hopeful that the biggest barrier to the country's smooth international expansion - quarantine issues surrounding African horse sickness - may be on the verge of being solved through scientific advances.
Furthermore, the similarity of EEV to African horse sickness virus, one of the most devastating pathogens of equids, warranted further investigation of the outbreaks and molecular characterization of the virus.
Horses are economically important in South Africa, and diagnoses for animals with severe or fatal disease are frequently requested because of the presence of African horse sickness virus in the country, which is a notifiable disease (www.
South African horses going to Dubai used to have to spend 30 days in Europe after quarantine at Kenilworth racecourse, but outbreaks of the deadly African Horse Sickness have changed all that.
Culicoides vectors of bluetongue and African horse sickness viruses in Mauritius.
Owers, who pointed out that the map of this year's outbreaks followed the route of horses being transported for slaughter, added: "If this disease can find its way into Britain, other, more dangerous diseases, such as African horse sickness, can follow.
The lungs were sent to Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute for African horse sickness RTPCR.
His recent research includes study into diseases such as bluetongue and African horse sickness, as well as work on infections in African wildlife that can spread to domestic animals and humans.
African horse sickness virus (AHSV), equine encephalosis virus (EEV), and equine herpesviruses (EHV) 1 and 4 were identified by using viral culture and antigen detection assays and/or complement fixation tests (31) on serum samples and using RT-PCR to detect AHSV and EHV (32).
Scheduled to take place on Monday, June 23, at Tattersalls' Park Paddocks in Newmarket, the meeting brings together an international line-up of speakers who will warn of the dangers of two exotic diseases in particular, African horse sickness and west Nile virus.
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