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a peninsula of northeastern Africa (the easternmost part of Africa) comprising Somalia and Djibouti and Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia

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Since last Thursday, four commercial ships were subjected to pirating acts in the African Horn and Gulf of Aden, which are considered a main marine passage connecting the Asia and Europe continents.
Egypt always seeks to boost cooperation with other countries to accomplish economic integration and build political relationships with greater cooperation and consultations against mutual threats such as terrorism in the Red Sea, the African Horn and the Sahel-Saharan region.
Migrants from African horn countries, mainly Somalia and Ethiopia, continue to defy death crossing the dangerous sea into Yemen, with many reported drowned and missing when overcrowded sink or when smugglers forces them to swim in deep water to Yemeni coast.
A leader should know the potentials of his/her crew and try as hard as he/she can to muster the climax out of them or everything would be senseless," he stressed.Along with his accompanying delegation, Rear Admiral Robyns, yesterday, visited the national Mohammad Al-Ahmad naval base, as he was welcomed by the Commander of the Kuwaiti Navy Vice Admiral Ahmad Youssef.Rear Admiral Robyns, who arrived last Monday in a cordial visit, was briefed about the navy missions, as he also lectured at the Hall of Martyr Mohammad Al-Rumaidheen, shedding light on the role of the Belgian Navy against piracy off the African Horn and within the NATO.
The accidents come amid continuous infiltration, almost daily, by Africans, fleeing deteriorating situations in African horn countries of Somalia and Ethiopia to Yemen.
As the flow of African refugees, mainly from the African horn countries of Somalia and Ethiopia, continues into Yemen in semi-daily numbers, the authorities previously arrested 20 Somali infiltrators in Saada province.
Upon arrival, the minister affirmed to Saba the importance of the meeting as it includes countries from the African Horn and Yemen forming a geographical unity imposing coordination and cooperation among the Association member states in order to keep peace and security in the region.
The meeting will review current issues in the Arab and regional arenas and situations in the African Horn and Somalia, in addition to discussing the signed agreements by the Sana'a Forum member states and means of improving the inter-economic relations.
The outcomes of the meeting of the pentagonal committee on advancing the Arab common work held on Monday in Libya and the latest developments in the region topped by the situations in Palestine, Iraq, Somalia and the African Horn were discussed as well.
Hundreds of illegal migrants land in Yemen daily, fleeing deteriorating situations in some African Horn countries.
The two sides also shed lights on situations development in the African Horn region as well as stands of the two countries toward them.
Disorders and economic pressures in the African Horn region led to the increase of the number of refugees who pay for smugglers and take a risky sea trip towards Yemen.
President Ali Abdullah Saleh received on Saturday on the sideline of 22nd Arab Summit in Libya Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir over fields of the mutual cooperation between Yemen and Sudan.<p>The two leaders also discussed recent development in Yemen and in the international arena of common concern, especially condition in the African horn.
During the meeting, the two sides exchanged point of views on the conditions in Yemen and African Horn area.
The Vice President also highlighted the efforts made by the WFP to help the refugees from the African Horn and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Sa'ada in addition to the assistance provided for children suffering from malnutrition.
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