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a peninsula of northeastern Africa (the easternmost part of Africa) comprising Somalia and Djibouti and Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia

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During the meeting, the two sides exchanged point of views on the conditions in Yemen and African Horn area.
The Vice President also highlighted the efforts made by the WFP to help the refugees from the African Horn and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Sa'ada in addition to the assistance provided for children suffering from malnutrition.
The German international aid agency Wednesday signed an agreement to this effect with the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development(IGAD) , an East African grouping that seeks to develop and maintain peace in the African Horn Region.
Al-Riyadh newspaper noted that China, France and the United States strengthened their interests in the African Horn area this year at political, military and economic levels.
The Yemeni crisis has resulted in a wave of immigrants fleeing by sea to the African Horn, where the IOM is also active providing aid to these people.
It is worth to mention that the number of African Horn migrants to Yemen decreased in 2013 to 65, 319 compared with 107,532 in 2012 as per a UNHCR statistics.
Since this is a zoonotic disease we are collaborating with the ministry of agriculture to answer the question of whether these camels imported from the African Horn are possible sources of infection," Madani said.
Mexican wrestling luchadors and mariachis were also spotted everywhere and there was the occasional reappearance of the banned South African horn, the vuvuzela.
It is based on a wide range of sources, from archaeological and linguistic to oral and written and argues for the wide spread of literacy in the communities of the African Horn at the time that gave rise to a powerful civilization that eventually provided the foundation for some of the world's oldest Christian communities.
The 1970s oil boom also triggered a vast interest in strong African horn, sourced primarily from Africa's black and white rhinos, for prestigious Yemen daggers.
Japan is currently coordinating with the Joint Forces in the African Horn and we are partnering with Malaysia to establish a regional center to fight piracy and reinforce protection of international navigation through the Gulf of Aden," he said.
Kanayo Nwanze President of the IFAD and Farid Mujawar Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation noted the challenges faced by Yemen, exceed by providing food for millions of Yemenis and refugees flowed from the African Horn.
As for the second goal for establishing a regional bloc in the North African region, this was for integrating the project later on with another bloc that was to include Egypt, Sudan, and Yemen over the African horn and across the Red Sea.
Some of these target regions are East of Africa, addition it concentrate on the African horn region in 1963-1967 during war between Arab and Israel as the strategic region in the African continent.
In his speech, the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Minister pointed out to the historic relations binding the Sultanate and Kenya, drawing the attention to the role being played by the Sultanate in supporting and assisting the countries of the African Horn, wishing that the Sultanate will open its Embassy in Nairobi that would help the citizens of the two countries.
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