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an investment banker who devises strategies to make a target company less attractive for takeover

a strain of bees that originated in Brazil in the 1950s as a cross between an aggressive African bee and a honeybee

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The defensive behaviour of African honeybees is related to environmental conditions and provocative situations [13, 14].
Spatial distribution and nesting biology of colonies of the African honeybee Apis mellifera scutellata (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in Botswana, Africa.
The values recorded by Stort (1971; 1980) for this variable averaged 160.20 m for African honeybee colonies and 38.80 m for africanized ones.
Some of these nonindigenous species, such as the African honeybee, sneaked across U.S.
Since the African honeybee was introduced to Brazil in 1956, there's been much concern that Africanized bees, also known as killer bees, would spread and come to dominate the bee populations in the Americas.
Africanized bees are a highly aggressive hybrid of Western and African honeybees. They ( arrived in the United States 15 years ago and have been nicknamed "killer bees" for their swarming tactics, according to NBC News.
Considering that research on bee nutrition is recent in Brazil (TOLEDO et al., 2010) and that honeybees of this country are result of the cross between European and African honeybees, called Africanized, it is understandable that these differences justify the fact that some studies performed in other parts of the world, may not adequately reflect the needs of these honeybees.
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