African grey

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commonly domesticated grey parrot with red-and-black tail and white face

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Although the couple, who own two other African Greys and two poodles, have never entered their 16 year old family pet into competitions, they are proud of his entertaining capability.
N'kisi, an African grey, was reported in 2004 to have a vocabulary of 950 words.
His first, a young African grey called Sunny, died after he had it for only about two weeks.
The statement from the Last Great Ape Organisation (LAGA), working with Cameroon's security forces, came as another consignment of 500 African Grey parrots were seized on Tuesday aboard an Ethiopian Airlines plane shortly before it was due to leave Douala airport.
Crafty seven-year-old macaw Barney gave the lewd lessons to unsuspecting African greys Sam and Charlie, who obligingly memorised the cursewords.
African Grey parrots are sometimes known as the cadillac of parrots and the perfect mix of beauty and brains.
Key words: aquaporin, AQP, cerebrospinal fluid, CSF, hydrocephalus, avian, African grey parrot, Psittacus erithacus
The African Grey will not stop repeating it, and a friend of the family said: "It's driving everybody round the bend.
The two-year-old African grey bird known as Sky, enjoys shouting swear words like "f*** off", "b***d" and "w***r".
An African grey parrot paid a visit to Netherhall Learning Campus on Nether Hall Avenue on Wednesday.
WILDLIFE authorities in Cameroon have rescued more than 1,200 African Grey parrots being trafficked to Bahrain and Mexico for the exotic pet trade, an animal welfare group said yesterday.
The small African grey has been kept for 10 years at Debbie Poynton's home in Butt Lane.
An Amazon or African grey parrot is favourite to land the role as they are the best speakers.
The African grey parrot, according to wildlife campaigners.
Missing African Grey Parrot, Harry, loves nothing better than to sing along to his favourite hits by the Irish chart-toppers.
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