African green monkey

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common savannah monkey with greenish-grey back and yellow tail

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African green monkey kidney Vero cells require de novo protein synthesis for efficient herpes simplex virus 1-dependent apoptosis.
The antisera were incubated with African green monkey kidney Vero cells infected by SARS-CoV obtained from a SARS patient.
Most importantly, African Green Monkey Kidney cells offer the researcher/investigator the luxury of having one cell line that can be used not only for isolation but also for the production of a potential viral vaccine, eliminating the need to adapt to another cell system.
In those primate species where high levels of SIV infection have been found in the wild, namely sooty mangabeys and African green monkeys (the Cercopithecus aethiops super-species), it is primarily adults that are seropositive, leading to the hypothesis that SIV is normally transmitted through sexual activity.
Biological and biochemical studies of African green monkey lymphotropic papovavi rus.
AGM is so remarkably different from the human AIDS viruses indicates that the human viruses cannot have originated from African green monkeys in recent times, as had been predicted by many people.
The matrixes were based on monkey B-lymphotropic papovavirus M30540 and African green monkey polyomavirus NC_004763 sequence annotations for VP1 and LT genes, respectively.
Genetic stability of foamy viruses: long-term study in an African green monkey population.
We predict that there will be other viruses in the spectrum that range from the African green monkey prototype .
Human coronavirus (strain OC43) in different amounts was grown in African green monkey kidney cells and thereafter potential antiviral therapies ("the test compounds") were added.
At INEVH, virus was isolated in African green monkey (Vero) cells, as described (2).
In the study, AVI's NeuGene third-generation antisense compounds were delivered to pig and African green monkey kidney cells in cell culture.
Interestingly, a significant piece of the monkey virus, simian immunodeficiency virus -- African green monkey strain (SIVagm) -- was also found in the subject's HIV viral DNA.
COS cells are a derivative of the African green monkey kidney fibroblast cell line CV-1, which is highly susceptible to SARS-CoV.
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