African daisy

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Synonyms for African daisy

shrub of southwestern Mediterranean region having yellow daisylike flowers

African or Asiatic herbs with daisylike flowers

any of several plants of the genus Arctotis having daisylike flowers

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I mention the familiar trailing African daisy (Osteospermum fruticosum) because of its lesser-known cousin, Osteospermum ecklonis 'Asti White.
A sort of annual osteospermum, African daisy has the same sort of big, wide-open daisy flowers and bright colours that range from tawny orange or salmon shades to pale gold and glistening white.
She says an African daisy and an English daisy are both flowers, but totally different kinds"
Desert plants and wildlife are at highest risk from human vandals, intruders, and poachers, an "introduced species" as exploitive as the exotic African daisy that has spread from urban flower gardens.
The newest addition to the 3D African daisy clan, Osteo-spermum 'Berry White' is a two-toned beauty whose purple center bursts from white petals.
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