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any one of the countries occupying the African continent

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Firstly, such gatherings showcase the new power of countries such as China and India, that they can, just like the US and the EU, bring many African country leaders to their capitals in one go to talk shop.
The new teaching hospital in Alexandria has been selected as the highly specialized regional hospital for North Africa region, allowing it to provide medical consultancies and lectures for every participant African country.
The England and Wales Cricket Board today released a statement which confirmed they were suspending bilateral arrangements with the African country, following the lead of South Africa.
Ghana -- The most recent of many projects in this West African country resulted in the enactment of a new Public Records and Archives law.
Authorities found some 200 slaughtered elephants whose tusks had been sheared off in what they said Wednesday was the worst-ever case of poaching in the central African country.
The Pendulum Project, a non-profit humanitarian organization that helps families and communities care for, support, and protect orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi, a sub-Saharan African country that has been hard hit by AIDS, announced today that it has been granted official NGO status.
Importantly, while manufacturers from BRIGS countries find it relatively easy to enter African markets, the reality is that if any African country has the ability to export to the BRICS, they will find all sorts of obstacles in their way.
Giving the analysis of global economy and the place of Nigeria, he said: The weaning investors confidence in African economy has suddenly been re-energized by the investments in some African countries by some local investors, especially, the Dangote Group s incursion into the East African country of United Republic of Tanzanian thus mitigating the negative effect of the security and economic down-turn challenges being faced by African continent.
ONE African country -- Ethiopia -- realizes 21st century technology by wiring every clinic and school in the country.
Like us, they should also take a day off, go and spend time in a queue, pay some money (in hard currency) before getting a visa to travel to an African country.
Intec Telecom Systems, a global provider of operations support systems (OSS) for fixed, wireless, and next generation/IP networks, today announced that mobile operator Orange has gone live with Intec's InterconnecT(TM) solution in the West African country of Cote d'Ivoire.
We have had an excellent business relationship with Ericsson dating back to 1990 when they supplied, installed and commissioned a TACS analog cellular telephone system, thereby making Nigeria the first African country to have cellular service," said Nitel's Managing Director, Engineer E.
Furthermore, international business perceptions of the operating environment in Botswana are favourable; the country is ranked 26th on Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index (just below Belgium and Portugal) and it is the highest-ranked African country.
17, 1995-- Motorola's International Cellular Infrastructure Division (ICID) has been awarded a contract worth more than $17 million to deploy a fixed wireless phone system in the African country of Zambia.
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