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the second largest continent

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Asset preservation is the primary objective major infrastructure stake holders, and the GES Insurance Wrap is being rolled out on the African Continent for the oil and gas production infrastructure, pipelines, tank farms, refineries, offshore platforms, LNG facilities, electric power infrastructure and mining operations.
Trust Re deputy chief executive Romel Tabaja said a footprint in Africa would allow the company to engage even more closely with business partners on the African continent.
From 2005 to 2012, the total trade between Saudi Arabia and the African continent increased by 40.
It is really true that some deals and dirty deals are bleeding the African continent dry.
We think this plan will lead to dramatically increased African participation in ICANN and greater presence for the organisation on the African continent.
Total trade of Turkey with whole African continent was 5 billion USD in 2003.
MEA flights now cover between 80 and 85 percent of the African continent.
Summary: As part of its drive to contribute to the development of the African continent and help a great number of states, members in the African Union, to prosper, Libya is reported to will soon top the foreign investors list in Uganda.
Summary: O3b Networks Limited (O3b) the developer of a new fiber quality, satellite-based, global Internet backbone infrastructure announced today that Intersat Africa Limited (Intersat), a leading Value Added, Satellite Capacity Reseller will resell O3b capacity across the African continent.
As terrorism gradually becomes the method of choice not only for extremist factions, but also for marginalized groups in an increasing number of societies, a study of terrorism on the African continent could not be timelier.
The aims of TASK are to promote and protect the physical and mental health of women on the African continent through affordable and sustainable provision of medical support, education and practical advice using locally generated ideas compatible with established culture.
Every year, three million girls between birth and 14 years in countries on the African continent are subjected to the practice, as are thousands of girls in immigrant communities in Europe, North America and Australia.
Given the gift of an ability to communicate with the wildlife they meet and to learn the keys to enhancing the health of the land, these two little Oglin emissaries endure hardship and experience danger as they venture across the African continent seeking to meet the Great Spirit and learn how to heal the deterioration of the life and land of their secluded Oglin homelands.
amateurs or professionals, to send us a photo to include in an exciting and unique mosaic at the new museum and thus honor the richness of humanity that has emerged from the African continent," said Parks.
Secretary General, Kofi Annan, referring to the civil war in Congo as the "bloodiest the African continent has ever known.
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