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an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

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Senate Bill 121, sponsored by State Senator Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago) and State Representative Ken Dunkin (D-Chicago), expands the African American Family Commission s role to include monitoring legislation and developing programs to address the needs of African Americans in Illinois.
These distressing statistics in the African American family structure have staggering consequences for children raised in these single parent homes as well as the community at large.
Nonetheless, contemporary conceptualizations of the African American family take into consideration the complexity, of the African American family system and count as a strength the family's historically and culturally grounded ability to adapt to changing societal, economic, and political contexts (Logan, 2001).
One of the most controversial studies focusing on the African American family during the 1960s was published in 1965 by the Assistant Secretary of Labor, Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
Stevenson (1995) described how the civil rights movement and the larger sociopolitical sensitivities led to a revisionist perspective that celebrates the female-headed household, extended family, and fictive kin traditions as cultural adaptations indicating the strength of the African American family (see particularly Billingsley, 1992; Gutman, 1976; Hill, 1971; Stack, 1974).
By focusing on the dreams, accomplishments, and troubles of an African American family moving into an all white Detroit neighborhood in the 1920s, Vine helps us understand our past and the efforts needed to bring about true equality.
Valuing African American families and their children has not been part of this system," said Terry Solomon, executive director of the African American Family Commission, whose members are appointed by the governor.
The Bradens purchased a house in a segregated area of Louisville for an African American family named Wade.
We describe the common experiences of all family members and then highlight the unique themes reflected in the comments of African American family members.
I attended the 12th Annual African American Family Reunion Conferenee in Baltimore, Md.
The most important challenge facing African Americans in the 21st century is the net worth gap--the difference between the value of assets controlled by the typical African American family and the worth of assets controlled by the average white household.
Oshkosh is a wholly white town; the three women are the only black residents in the area since the one African American family that had lived i n the community prior to the girls' arrival moved away because of harassment.
These authors have suggested that the African American family has evolved unique patterns of competence that serve as buffers to the stressors and crises (e.
As an African American family, I think it's especially important to be seen as a unit--father, mother, children.
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