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an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

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African American Family Magazine's Distinguished Speakers Series presents America's most intellectual, inspirational and informative speakers, who engage broad-based audiences by addressing issues such as history, race, literature, economics and education.
The Pursuit of Happyness: Meet the Real Christopher Gardner" is produced by African American Family Magazine.
In another development, Snyder Communications announced that SCA is broadening its value-added service offerings to help Fortune 500 companies target the lucrative African American family market.
Thirty years ago, Alex Haley's Roots ignited fervor for black family history that swept the entire nation, and yet tracing African-American ancestry remains a challenging adventure," said Tony Burroughs, African- American family historian and author of "Black Roots: A Beginners Guide to Tracing the African American Family Tree" (Simon & Schuster, 2001).
Twenty-five years ago, Doubleday published Alex Haley's "factional" account of his African American family, launching a juggernaut that redefined Americans' perceptions of slaves and slavery.
In "Knowing Their Names: Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon," Marianne Hirsch explores the possibility of a "dual masculine-feminine legacy" in Song of Solomon that negotiates the material presence of the mother in the African American family with the absence of the father.
REMEMBER "COUSIN MATTIE'S Daddy's Sister's People," the line of black greeting cards with life-size soft sculpture dolls depicting scenes from everyday African American family life?
The aim of the one-day program is to present critical topics relating to the African American family, such as caregiving, adolescent violence, spirituality and health.
Sparked by Cosby's comments, the African American Family magazine and organization development consulting firm Meta Dynamics will convene "Reclaiming the Village," a series of four public dialogues.
Hamer's book What It Means to be Daddy (Columbia University Press, 2001) supports Wade-Gayles' position, highlighting that the role of black men as fathers is unjustly based upon value systems superimposed on the African American family structure.
With the formation of the bond fund, the 36-year-old Rogers is pioneering again by creating an African American family of mutual funds for individuals and institutions.
African American heritage in this light is not a burden but a positive force that can empower the African American family at large.
Black Roots: A Beginner's Guide to Tracing the African American Family Tree by Tony Burroughs Fireside, February 2001, $16.
According to Gary, "MBC Network focused in on a sector of the community -- the African American family -- whose needs in programming were simply not being addressed.
Much like Burnett's earlier feature works, Killer of Sheep (1981) and My Brother's Wedding (1984), To Sleep with Anger concentrates on the inner workings of African American family life and fixes especially on the dreams and disappointments of fathers and sons.
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