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an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

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These events "emerged as rituals capable of strengthening and stabilizing the African American family, and as tools for building strong and viable foundations for future generations" (McCoy, 2011, p.
These distressing statistics in the African American family structure have staggering consequences for children raised in these single parent homes as well as the community at large.
Current demographic data suggest that no single profile adequately characterizes the African American family. Making up about 13.5% of the U.S.
Neufeld weaves together the stories of a diverse bunch of real-life New Orleanians: A convenience store owner spends a bug-infested night on the roof of his flooded market, an African American family endures chaos at the convention center, a doctor keeps the horror at arm's length from his French Quarter digs, and an artsy young couple flee to Houston and come back to find they've lost everything, including a treasured comic book collection.
Growing up in an African American family, Jon Jeter watched the jobs in his Midwestern town vanish - and as a Washington Post journalist, he reported on free-market reforms of the IMF which created a new underclass.
Resiliency and the African American family: Model of family preservation.
ERIC Descriptors: African American Students; African American Family; Males; Special Education; Disproportionate Representation; Poverty; At Risk Students; Gender Bias; Racial Bias; Social Attitudes; Cultural Differences; Intervention; Literature Reviews; Equal Education; Attendance Patterns; Socioeconomic Influences; Teacher Attitudes; Social Work; Caseworkers; Curriculum Development; Culturally Relevant Education; Staff Development; Cultural Pluralism; Single Sex Classes; Religious Factors
In addition, there is a Website created by an African American family raising an adolescent child with autism.
He created a series of "Images & Realities" documentaries, including "African American Men," "The African American Family" and "African American Women" and the recent "Images & Realities, African American Children."
By placing the story in a middleclass African American family, Campbell tells a sad but familiar story in a different setting with new insights.
A similar and ongoing controversy has prevailed in the historical and public policy literatures on the African American family described later in this paper (for excellent reviews see Dodson, 1997, and Sarkisian & Gerstel, 2005).
The history of three generations of an elite African American family. The book chronicles their accomplishments and struggles both inside and outside of the family.
By focusing on the dreams, accomplishments, and troubles of an African American family moving into an all white Detroit neighborhood in the 1920s, Vine helps us understand our past and the efforts needed to bring about true equality.
"Valuing African American families and their children has not been part of this system," said Terry Solomon, executive director of the African American Family Commission, whose members are appointed by the governor.
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