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(Greek mythology) group of 3 to 7 nymphs who guarded the golden apples that Gaea gave as a wedding gift to Hera


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Recent cases include the 10-month imprisonment of two African sisters, Charity and Thoko Nkosi, aged 36 and 37, from Luton and Corby, who trained as NHS nurses using forged documents to gain almost pounds 123,000 in bursaries.
Covering outsiders and activists, intercultural encounters, plays and playwrights, and players and playmaking, they discuss such topics as Alec Dickson's propaganda and mass communication, Antigone and her African sisters, Efua Sutherland as the mother of the national theater movement, the call to the priesthood and other stories in Ama Ata Aidoo's Anowa, the story of a campus drama group, and filmmaking in Ghana as exemplified by The Dying of the Light (1994).
He spoke of an "envy from South African sisters and brothers who did not have the opportunity to acquire this education or skills.
On the other hand, James Gibbs, in his essay Antigone and her African Sisters: West African Versions of a Greek Original argues that once Greek and Roman material is understood as inherited (and by implication not imposed) a "truly liberated post-colonial writer" can use such material to remarkable effect.
Stewart dedicated the book, Quotable African Women, to her African sisters, with a quote by Adeola James: Our problem is that we have listened so rarely to women's voices, the noises of men having drowned us out.
THESE three African sisters are starving - as their president is wined and dined by Jack McConnell.
Five African sisters and their brother, all aged between 11 and 17, who live in supported accommodation in the East End of Newcastle, have not been seen since July 2.
Ashby: I think the message I would like to deliver to both African-American and African Sisters is that you are much more than disease carriers and baby-makers.
We were joined by South African sisters, a facilitator from India and Sri Lankan women from four organisations working for peace.
I inscribe my name in the celebrated list of Neustadt laureates, surrounded by my African sisters and those of Muslim origin: they could have been here, honored in my place tonight.
Only we the people can make Nigeria work, not our leaders, not foreign forces, not even our African sisters, Nigerians as the custodians of Nigeria's prosperity must take bold responsibilities to rebuild Nigeria.
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