boa constrictor

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very large boa of tropical America and West Indies

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com/news/2013/08/130806-african-rock-python-snakes-canada-killed-boys-world/) African rock python is a nonvenomous snake typically found in South Africa.
In the wild, African rock pythons feed on monkeys, antelopes, warthogs and even crocodiles.
SEE African rock pythons, the world's third largest snake, are constrictors which attack animals as big as crocodiles and antelopes, suffocating them in their coils before swallowing them whole.
PRINCES William and Harry were left a little shaken when they came face to face with a large African rock python.
Dinner time takes eight hours a week, but he has to keep close guard on them as an African rock python almost made a snack of Slash's cat Sushi between meals.
The 16-foot African rock python strangled the brothers aged five and seven, as they were sleeping above their mother's best friend's pet shop.
The boys had been enjoying a sleepover with a friend, the young son of Jean-Claude Savoie, whose private menagerie of exotic animals included an African rock python.
Tremblay said the African rock python was being kept inside the second floor apartment, not inside the pet store as authorities had previously stated.
Connor Barth, seven, and brother Noah, five, were on a sleepover in a flat over a pet shop run by a friend's father when the 16ft African rock python attacked them.
SNAKEY WAKEY: 10ft African rock python Bruce was sizing up a sleeping man after being bought in a boozy haze.
The African rock python, capable of eating a child, was discovered in a Tyneside alleyway where youngsters were poking it with sticks.
The African rock python was discovered in an alleyway where children were poking it with sticks.
Just two weeks after an African rock python killed two boys in New Brunswick, 40 pythons were found in a Brantford motel on Thursday evening.
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