Great Rift Valley

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( geology) a depression in southwestern Asia and eastern Africa

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Billions of dollars in public and private investment are now pouring into African energy projects, especially renewable energy--from solar parks in Mali's Sahara to undersea tidal generators in Ghana's coastal waters to geothermal plants in the vast East African Rift Valley region.
Within the Tanzanian East African Rift Valley, volcanoes have released helium from deep rocks and trapped it in shallower gas fields.
Clustering on the high planes of the East African Rift Valley, tea thrives on the rich red African soil, from Kenya and Uganda down to Malawi and Zimbabwe, with a small production also in South Africa and Cameroon.
"Drawing from the Menengai experience and tapping into the East African Rift valley geothermal potential, the AfDB has also been working on a series of small-scale geothermal units, adapted to the specific context of each country.
As part of the study, Sarah Feakins, of the University of Southern California, investigated what types of vegetation dominated the landscape surrounding the African Rift Valley.
The clear objective of the Great African Rift Valley expedition is to use adventure to improve and save lives through a continued link to the United Against Malaria partnership.
"Beach has a broad portfolio of assets positioned all along the exploration and development pipeline with very large exposure to some potentially company transforming opportunities such as unconventional gas in the Cooper Basin and major oil potential in the African Rift Valley in Tanzania."
The eruption of the Nabro volcano was triggered on 12 June following a series of earthquakes at the northeastern end of the East African Rift Valley. An ash plume up to 8.4mi (13.5km) high has been moving steadily northwest across Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt but is now caught in a westerly jetstream and is curving back eastwards.
Children from as young as playgroup age will love the Blue Planet Aquarium They can get up close to 20 species of shark, octopus, stingrays, otters and sea horses on a voyage of discovery through the tropics of the Amazon to the African rift valley, at this hands-on experience at Cheshire Oaks.
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