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Synonyms for Khoisan

a family of languages spoken in southern Africa

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Promoting African languages For the past few years, Mthethwa's department has worked in collaboration with the Centre for the Book on the reproduction of African classics.
I know there are difficulties, like cases where teachers would have, say, the hour assigned for African languages used for English practice, which sends the message to children that their language is not important.
But the point advocated in this paper is that, for African philosophy to advance, African philosophers must start writing in indigenous African languages. The point we raise here is that doing African philosophy in African indigenous languages would not disenfranchise African philosophical thoughts.
The author suggests that the development of African languages signifies African emancipation and progress and calls on the cooperative efforts of Africans to develop and advance indigenous African languages.
During his visit to Nigeria and Kenya, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted at the possibility of adding software for more African languages, to ease Africans' access to the online social network's applications.
South African scholars of African languages examine poems written in indigenous African languages about Nelson Mandela.
Nowhere is this more apparent than on the issue of language where most major writers still eschew African languages for English, French or Portuguese.
The report noted that the number of translated languages is (66) including (36) Asian, 12 European and (18) African languages.
French is the official language but African languages, such as Bambara and Songhai, are widely spoken.
During his visit to Africa International University Wednesday, accompanied by the Vice - President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, President Museveni has appreciated the role being played by Africa International University, indicating that the university is launching great initiatives and teaching the African languages.
Consequently, it has had a negative and retrogressive effect on development in African states, for culture and African languages are considered to be relevant only for old and illiterate rural folk and not for relatively younger and 'educated' urban dwellers.
Chapter 2, "African Agency in the Emergence of the Atlantic Creoles" (by Faraclas and eight co-authors), refutes conventional assumptions about colonial societies--in particular, Eurocentric notions of monolingualism in the Caribbean, classifications of African languages that overlooked hybridity, and monocausal scenarios for language development (i.e., substrate, superstrate, universal).
"In steps Phrase9." Phrase9 Translation agency, which is based in Cape Town, South Africa, provides professional translation services to its clients worldwide, in a multitude of languages, but with a special focus on African languages.
Researchers have a scarcity of tools for professionals as stated by a linguist professional: "Although I have varied experience with language the Army, it is my experience that African languages are another animal entirely."
The result is an enlivening, mind-expanding fusion, enhanced with singing in several different African languages and occasional wordless vocals.
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