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a family of languages spoken in southern Africa

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His pen-driven linguistic advocacy even culminated in him abandoning writing in English at one point and embracing his native Gikuyu, all in a bid to exhort other African writers to employ their native African languages as their preferred medium for literary expression.
The author suggests that the development of African languages signifies African emancipation and progress and calls on the cooperative efforts of Africans to develop and advance indigenous African languages.
Among the African languages already on the Facebook website is Hausa, a language that is widely spoken in West Africa.
French is the official language but African languages, such as Bambara and Songhai, are widely spoken.
During his visit to Africa International University Wednesday, accompanied by the Vice - President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, President Museveni has appreciated the role being played by Africa International University, indicating that the university is launching great initiatives and teaching the African languages.
Consequently, it has had a negative and retrogressive effect on development in African states, for culture and African languages are considered to be relevant only for old and illiterate rural folk and not for relatively younger and 'educated' urban dwellers.
Chapter 2, "African Agency in the Emergence of the Atlantic Creoles" (by Faraclas and eight co-authors), refutes conventional assumptions about colonial societies--in particular, Eurocentric notions of monolingualism in the Caribbean, classifications of African languages that overlooked hybridity, and monocausal scenarios for language development (i.
Phrase9 Translation agency, which is based in Cape Town, South Africa, provides professional translation services to its clients worldwide, in a multitude of languages, but with a special focus on African languages.
Though one may not know the languages in which she sings, which include Bete, several other African languages, and French, the meanings seemed to transcend the lyrics.
in the Army, it is my experience that African languages are another animal entirely.
We learn Afrikaans and isiXhosa through the Department of African Languages in the School of Languages and Literature, which teaches us the basic skills needed to communicate with patients.
The result is an enlivening, mind-expanding fusion, enhanced with singing in several different African languages and occasional wordless vocals.
Another way is to buy books and DVDs that will assist with African languages.
I was particularly encouraged by the failures in eLearning that were so openly shared," the Honorable Minister stated, "and the attention given this year to local digital content and the integration of indigenous African languages.
A Christian who spoke Arabic and learned seven other African languages, he was the perfect man for the job and was able to pass through various kingdoms where others failed.
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