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This means tax policies that ensure a broad tax base, the right mix of different tax types and appropriate tax rates that all contribute to reach- ing the tax potential of individual African countries.
For example, ATAF, working in partnership with the TADAT (Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool) Secretariat, has started to assist African countries in carrying out TADAT assessments in a number of African countries.
'President Xi Jinping has announced that China will launch eight major initiatives in close collaboration with African countries in the next three years.
In an interview, Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation, Dr Unity Dow said Botswana joined the rest of African countries for the special forum.
Over the past 18 years, FOCAC has become a significant platform for collective dialogue between China and African countries and a leading mechanism for international ties with Africa and also South-South cooperation.
Bilyura Bayramova, the main purpose of the visit is to promote Azerbaijan in the African countries. Gina Ekhikodiojo and Jennifer Gentet, took part in Novruz holiday in Baku, made trips to country's beautiful parts, including Sheki, Lahij, Terter and other places.
Addis Ababa [Ethiopia], Jan 28 ( ANI ): African countries could be losing 100 billion dollars annually through corruption, according to a senior African development expert.
'These projects are not only beneficial for this region but they also have a great significance in connecting different parts of the world,' he said during a luncheon in honor of Ambassadors/High Commissioners of African countries at Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad.
Quite often the United States goes much further than persuasion to threaten African countries with sanctions.
As good as the project is meant to be, key players in the country's aviation sector, particularly the airlines had argued that rushing to sign the trade policy would give other African countries and some foreign nations undue advantage into the Nigerian market including its aviation market.
The conference, which was an initiative by the Russian government to promote a unifying constructive agenda between African countries and Russia, was hasiled as a positive move that would help build mutual understanding and trust, among different countries.
He said education is one of the most important fields where cooperation could be strengthened between the 54 African countries and Malaysia.
"The eight regional economic blocks play an indispensable role in upholding cohesion among African countries, making them the main pillars of boosting joint African action," President Sisi said.
Beijing -- The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) can help African countries to access wider Asian markets with much-reduced time and economic cost.
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