Loxodonta africana

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an elephant native to Africa having enormous flapping ears and ivory tusks

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The worldwide conservation status of the African bush elephant has been declared as an endangered species, according to the wildlife experts.
This is the third year books have been donated to Ghana and over 8,500 have been sent by Cadbury - last year over 2.6 tonnes were collected, the weight of a female African bush elephant!
Something is growing in the recesses of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, behind the dinosaur displays and the mounted African bush elephant, beyond the mobs of schoolchildren whose chatter fills the main hall.
African bush elephants in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.
Since the beginning of July, Leicestershire County Council's gritters have spread around 150 tonnes of granite - the weight of 25 African bush elephants.
6 African bush elephants have 4 molar teeth each of which weighs how much?
Tower Crane 4, which can already be seen towering over the city centre, is one of the largest operating in Birmingham at 80 metres in height, equivalent to 20 doubledecker buses, and with ballast weight of 32 tonnes - the equivalent of six-and-a-half fully grown African bush elephants.
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