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Synonyms for blackwood

very dark wood of any of several blackwood trees

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They claim mass manufacturing could wipe out the African blackwood tree within 20 years.
Ebony was an especially good choice for woodwind instruments, although African blackwood now competes with ebony in those uses.
Said Alastair: "The musical instrument industry is one of the largest consumers of Mpingo, the East African Blackwood tree.
That is American poplar, which is sent to Milan, Italy, where it is dyed or 'ebonized' and used as a substitute for African blackwood.
Sound & Fair aims to realise a sustainable trade in African blackwood.
Although modern substitutes such as African blackwood or ebony have better defined qualities, the recent revival of early music and the attendant requirement for authentic instruments, such as bombards, hurdy-gurdys, and baroque flutes, has revived demand.
Now a piece of African Blackwood has been turned into a unique object in a small workshop in Marsden.
If you pick up a clarinet, piccolo, oboe or flute, chances are that woodwind instrument is made from African blackwood.
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