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a nonstandard form of American English characteristically spoken by African Americans in the United States

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As mentioned by a participant, understanding the utilization of African American Vernacular English is a necessary skill for White teachers of African American students.
For instance, slang could be contrasted with colloquialism, non-standard language, vulgarism, taboo, euphemism, jargon, idiom, neologism or dialect, while African American could be compared to African American Vernacular English, Afro-American Vernacular English, Black English Vernacular, Ebonics or Gangsta Talk.
Codeswitching and African American Vernacular in the English Class: An Analysis of Teachers' Attitudes, Options, and Strategies.
Vocabulary power teacher's manual; lessons for students who use African American Vernacular English, level 1.
Cheryl Wall's Worrying the Line is an important study of contemporary women writers that integrates notions of artistry and modality associated with African American vernacular music with the textual strategies of writers seeking to subvert, revise, and extend the American and African American literary traditions.
My response to them was that this sentence in African American Vernacular English (AAVF) revealed much more about this teacher's relationship with her student than would the statement "I have known her for ten years." The sentence on that page meant that the teacher had seen this student grow from a child into a young lady, had possibly dried her tears, had celebrated her successes in school, had spoken with her about her aspirations.
His bringing together of African and African American performers and choreographers with those steeped in jazz, tap, and other styles influenced by African American vernacular dance forms made for a rich and at times explosive experience.
Gates and McKay's choice acknowledges that there might be some difficulty in understanding the changing African American vernacular as it is represented in writing.
The quilts in this exhibition, created by 45 women, are drawn from the extensive collection of Tinwood Alliance, a non-profit foundation founded by art scholar William Arnet for the understanding and support of African American vernacular art.
He brings in a range of references to an African American vernacular: the constantly changing slang of hip-hop evident in his titles; a sculptural 'do in one cutout image and in another an elaborate cornrow pattern resembling a beautiful fossil.
Kim, and Dorothy Graber); (10) "The Color Line: African American Vernacular English and Computerized Grammar Checkers" (Janet Bean); (11) "Diversity: An Assignment for Basic Writing Students" (Marcia Ribble); (12) "Using Assessment Techniques in a Racially and Ethnically Diverse Classroom" (Jennifer Rene Young); and (13) "In Our Own Voices: Liberating Race from the Margins" (Judy Massey Dozier).
Completing an accurate phonetic transcription of a speaker of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) requires knowledge of the range of phonological features possible and the inherently variable nature of their actual use.
Long before the fracas over Ebonies, or African American Vernacular English, erupted in Oakland three years ago, Frey had been incorporating his students' expressions into his lessons.
Another overgeneralized category is the "Eurocentric," the antithesis of the African American vernacular. Although Brothers never defines "Eurocentric" music, its features include notation, harmony, and "a two-beat feeling," distinguished from the non-notatable nature and "the flat 4/4" of the New Orleans vernacular music (p.
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