African American Vernacular English

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a nonstandard form of American English characteristically spoken by African Americans in the United States

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Such use is especially important in African American slang.
African American slang also makes heavy use of this figuration device.
It is productive in African American slang possibly because of the sarcastic humor typically associated with it.
It is also used is African American slang, again likely for its sarcastic humor.
Simile is also employed in African American slang where it is normally used to strengthen or emphasize a given quality.
African American slang employs personification, too, with much the same effect as standard English.
Since much of slang is formed from old words which acquire new meanings, semantic shifting is strongly featured in African American slang.
African American slang expressions show generalization as well.
Many African American slang expressions can also be explained as instances of specialization.
Here are more examples of African American slang with ameliorated meanings:
Here is a selection of African American slang expressions that have undergone pejoration:
Indeed, there are numerous examples of this interesting process in African American slang, possibly given a fondness for wordplay and semantic experimentation.
Its is also an important part of African American slang which is often created by attaching new meanings to previously existing standard English words, a process known as figuration, and changing previously existing meanings of these words, known as semantic shifting.
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