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a group of militant Black Americans who profess Islamic religious beliefs and advocate independence for Black Americans

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Overall, this book was an interesting exploration of African American Muslims living polygyny.
He asserts that African American Muslims prefer Arabic words like al-Islam to authenticate themselves as Muslims, while immigrants prefer English words such as "God" to authenticate their Americanness, again without evidence (p.
The author clearly defines her own social location as an educated African American Muslim woman and explains the role her background played in shaping the experiences and relationships that she built before and during her research.
This alienated many African American Muslims who had traditionally voted for the Democrats.
Karim (2007) analyses the impact of racial difference on relations between South Asian and African American Muslims in Chicago.
Among these, Imam Muhammad's following is the largest group and generally represents African American Muslims nationally and internationally.
African American Muslims represent the largest single ethnic group of American Muslims--about one third of the American Muslim Community" (p.
Almost all African American Muslims are mainstream Sunnis (Melton, 1999; Smith).
However, more documents from African American Muslims, Jews, and others who represent religious alternatives to Christianity would have resulted in a more balanced and appealing volume.
There are African American Muslims as well as Muslims who immigrated to the U.
The peculiarities of black life in America have historically distinguished the lived experiences of African American Muslims from other practitioners of Islam regardless of their nationality or citizenship.
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