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an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

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The census yielded a two-part report; the first, released in 2005, presented the numbers and identified all of the African American board members.
Meanwhile, Jackson and other prominent African American leaders in Chicago all backed a May 1 immigration march for legalization, saying that the plight of any marginalized worker should concern the black community.
A Search Of African American Life, Achievement And Culture is a reference compilation of over 400 black-and-white photographs and 1800 facts about the amazing struggles and accomplishments of African Americans over the past 500 years.
African American women's popular culture in the decades following the Civil War remains something of a mystery to scholars, a premise that underlies Noliwe M.
A similar and ongoing controversy has prevailed in the historical and public policy literatures on the African American family described later in this paper (for excellent reviews see Dodson, 1997, and Sarkisian & Gerstel, 2005).
Harlequins single-title fiction offerings "will feature novels written by and about real African American women dealing with relationships and careers, while facing life's everyday challenges," says Senior Editor Mavis Allen, who will head the line.
Ultimately, the challenge faced by those who educate African American males of all socioeconomic groups is to convince them to exhibit the attitudes and behaviors that contribute to achievement.
Contemporary Mental Health Issues Among African Americans
Despite the Jewish community's effort to combat class, ethnic, and racial in-equality, it failed to fully embrace its growing African American and Latino communities.
Newly sworn to a City Council seat she won in a special election, Watson was following up on a promise to help create more business opportunities for African Americans. Made up of local business owners, developers, investors and activists, the African Town Task Force met weekly to discuss economic growth and business development ideas for the city's residents.
Yet, in urban schools, African American parents often are uninvolved (Gardner & Miranda, 2001; Troutman, 2001).
In 1912 he became only the second African American to earn a Harvard doctorate.
Genealogies of African American Families in South Western New York State, 1830-1955.
The aim of T this study was to investigated how cooperative learning promoted the academic success of elementary African American males in grades 3 through 6 in a rural school in Mississippi This study presents viewpoints based on these students' perception of what influenced academic achievement.
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